Good Life Tour of the Harn Caleb Steinmetz

Art and the Good Life: In this picture Tokyo is displayed as a bustling city filled with vibrant life and energy. This piece of art helps to show how we how we are all living our lives in the moment and helps to show the ephemeral nature of our existence. While we grow older this picture captures a moment in time that remains frozen, like a mirror to the past. We can see people going to work or simply enjoying their day. Part of the good life is understanding that we only have a short amount of time to accomplish what we want before we are taken from this world. This painting helps us understand that we must continue to live our lives day by day and that we can't stay stuck in the past.
Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: While most of the art in the harn was painted, they also offered other mediums. This is an example of an African wedding dress that would be worn by the bride to be. While the picture only shows one dress, there were many others that the bride wear prior to this one. The many intricate details showed that this medium was more than well enough prepared to take on the full complexities of what art is, and expression of ones self. This piece communicated a sense both heritage and joy. The amount of effort that it must have taken to craft such a dress surly shows its merit.
Art and Core Values: This piece of art is simply named Head of a Young Girl. This art work initial seemed somewhat expressionless and plain to me. After a closer inspection I began to question its true meaning. The girl seemed sad, as if she had something she wished to express yet was unable to due to one reason or another. Her stern look yet supple features showed an ironic tone. This duality best shows how art can evoke emotion even from the most minor details.
Design of the Museum: The design of the museum was like a maze filled with wonders and curiosities. The ceiling was slanted at certain points to give the appearance of a more open room. The dynamic lighting gave the art work a natural look and made many of the colors standout. This part of the museum was relatively plain, similar to its colorless art. However, like the art, the room was much more than a if first seemed. The structure gave the artwork a sense of unity while also be disjointed at points. While some of the works were intended to be view together, others in this area were stand alone. All in all the design of the museum was taken seriously and much time was spent planning its layout.

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