The Benefits of Print Media for Luxury Real Estate Marketing

by Smarthinking Inc

According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans say they go online daily. Given that compelling metric, it makes sense that luxury real estate developers want to get in front of as many qualified candidates as possible and cut printing expenses altogether. But if we look closely at the entire story and ask ourselves, “what will produce the most significant results,” you'll soon realize the value of including print into the mix.



Every remarkable property needs a remarkable story, and Premiere Look Books have proven to be an invaluable asset in that process. They tell prospective customers who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Premiere Look Books serve as the three-dimensional amalgamation of insightful vision, unique ideas, breathtaking renderings, compelling images, and spellbinding copy. "We can do all that digitally," some say, and while it is true that much of this information can be translated to a digital format, you do lose a certain je ne sais quoi when you create strictly in the intangible. Print allows you to communicate with touch, so paper selection, design strategies, and enhanced packaging are just some of the ways you can physically communicate your brand values even at this early stage.

The study of haptics is fascinating, and in our digital world, touch is something that we are missing as a species. Studies have shown that people read best on paper for three reasons: it makes content easily digestible; it facilitates better mental “mapping” of information; and reading on paper drains fewer of our cognitive resources, making retention a bit easier. All of this is because paper is a physical, tangible medium.

The Premiere Look Book (and its related collateral pieces) offers your sales team a vital resource during the sales process. Often, teams are selling the invisible. In other words, nothing has been built yet, so there is no property to tour or visit. A physical embodiment (albeit a small one) of the product serves as a promise to your prospects that you are committed and passionate about their satisfaction. Hell, even Ferrari gives you a beautiful brochure upon inquiry, and at the end of the sale, you drive away in two-and-a-half tons of sexualized steel and leather.



We know, we know, print is dead, right? Not in our experience. A report conducted by Nielsen reported that trust in traditional advertising is still strong with a combined 59% confidence in newspaper/magazine ads, compared to a 46.5% trust in search engine results and social networks. While the print industry has taken a severe blow in the past two decades, it still holds relevancy with specific audiences.

Print circulation has been drastically reduced, but the right ones still deliver to a qualified audience that has been built over the years with world-class content and reporting. For luxury real estate, your goal should be the smallest viable audience, not the largest possible reach.

The very fact that you are selling a luxury product limits you to less than 1% of the population. Much of this population still holds certain print publications in high esteem and interacts often. Sure, these publications do have digital versions that are highly utilized, but select print placements, strategically used, can have an incredible effect on your prospecting efforts. Results that transform outreach. The fact that these publications have both print and digital platforms only serve to strengthen your efforts.



To quote Mr. Bueller,

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

And that was 1986! We are moving a lot faster now, so how do you get in front of your prospects memorably? Send them something physical that makes them take note. A quarterly magazine, a handwritten note, or a beautifully printed rendering of your newest home model communicates to your prospect that they were important enough to receive these physical expressions of the brand; they needed to know about this.

You cannot define luxury without these types of personal touches.

At Smarthinking Inc., we work with a wide array of world-class architects and developers that have designed superior residential projects. Our team of professional storytellers conceptualizes and creates brands that people want to be a part of.