The Best of Times and the Worst of Times By olivia Nelson

The good of the 1920s

A great part about the 1920's was the fact that it brought people together, 'mass culture', now appliances and clothes were mass produced.

Jazz became widely popular, young people could dance and enjoy themselves. Though some older generations were against it they couldn't stop the movement, escpecially with radios, that now had a station to listen to.

Women progressed, a woman who did unladylike things was also coined to be a flapper, such as drinking, smoking and they became sexually free, with accessible birth control. The 1920s were kicked off by women being allowed the right to vote.

People became connected, after world war 1, it was the time to come together. People could easily visit family with the mass production of the Model T ford, they could talk on the phone.

The horrid part of the 1920s

Prohibition angered dozens, no intoxicating drinks with more than .5% of an alcohol beverage, the illegal activity became higher. Speakeasies for bootleg alcohol for people to get their alcohol kick.

The red scare frightened the country, making an anti immigrant, and nativist frenzy. People favored immigrants from Asian countries over European due to the hatred of communism in the United States

The temperance followed on the heel of the prohibition of alcohol, this urged abstinence, they claimed the sinful activity was causing damaging effects to the family, disease and various crimes. Many would ask people to sign their name with a "T" beside it to agree to complete alcoholic abstinence.

The kkk ran ramped in the 1920s, between 1920 and 1923 the members grew to the millions, they killed, threatened, and beat innocent people.

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