Aaron Sesker - Street Photography Project one

A street performer juggling with a member of the audience
Sitting motionless, a street performer tries to lure in a crowd
Men gathered around board games in China Town
A woman walks up a spiraling staircase at Embarcadero Center
A man taking a break from work at Embarcadero Center
A man crests the top of the staircase at The Gateway Apartments
A woman takes a smoke break at the Ferry Building
An elderly woman seen through a local art installation
A woman studies her files intensely at Embarcadero Center
a group of men dig up the road for construction in the Financial District
Peering through a shop window in China Town
A man carrying paintings in his backpack makes his way into Fox Plaza
A man coming down the stairway at the end of the Embarcadero Center
Off work, a gentleman prepares his scooter at the Embarcadero Center

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