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Map of Germany

Germany is a country located in Central Europe that was once split into East Germany and West Germany, but they were reunited in October 3, 1990. Now, it is just Germany which has an area of 137,879 square miles (357,104 square kilometers). Currently, it borders the north and Baltic seas and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark. Because of it's current location, it acts as an assembly place for social ideas around the world.


Germany's climate is considered temperate and moderate because of the west winds from the sea that make it have its not-to-hot summers and its not-to-cold winters. Also, its precipitation levels are well balanced which allows Germany to have wet winters and summers.

Physical Characteristic

Germany is made up of five main land regions: the North German Plain, the largest land region in Germany that is low and flat, the Central Highlands, a mixture of lowlands and high lands, the South German Hills, a plain with ridges and lowlands between each ridge, the Black Forest, a rugged and mountainous region located in Baden Württemberg that is the main setting for many german fairy tales, and the Bavarian Alps, a mountainous region. The terrain style in Germany is set up where lowlands are located in the north and uplands or mountainous regions are located in the south. Its highest point is Zugspitze, a mountain that reaches 9,721ft, and its lowest point is somewhere along its coast. The Danube River, the Elbe River, the Oder River, the Rhine River, and the Weser River are Germany's main rivers.


Germany is ranked eighteenth in the worlds highest population rank and second highest population in Europe under Russia. It has around 81 million inhabitants, and the german part of these inhabitants descend from a line of warlike tribes. Surprisingly with their large population, Germany has one of the worlds lowest birth rates.


Custom + Traditions

In old German mining towns, people celebrate their history with songs, procession, and colorful costumes. These celebratory ways mostly have to with their fairs and festivals. Music festivals dominate the festivals celebrated in Germany. Some of the festivals even celebrate specific instruments, such as a flute or a violin. In the topic of arts and music, Germany is known for its composers of music. It also is outstandingly rich in the number and variety of its theaters, art galleries, museums, symphony orchestras, libraries and other cultural institutions.


Germany's population can be divided into multiple religious groups, but its main religion is Christianity. Christianity takes up around 70% of Germany's population, and the other 30% is a mixture of other religions.


Germany's official and current language is standard German. This type of German has descended from Old High German which was spoken in earlier times. There are two forms of standard German: High German and Low German. While Low German is spoken in the lowlands, High German is spoken in mountainous regions.


A typical German diet consist of cold meats, sugary deserts, starches (noodles, dumplings, and potatoes), and beer. Their diet also includes Würste, a german sausage, and bread. Unfortunately, this diet is high in calories and cholesterol, so germans are trying to improve their eating habits to a healthier diet. Unlike the United States, Germans eat their main, large meal at noon and prefer cold or a lunch type meal for what Americans call dinner. The food germans are mostly famous for is beer, but they did not create it. They actually are just known for loving it.

"The Three Musicians"

Written By Andrew Lang in 1892


"The Three Musicians," a fairy tale written by Andrew Lang, is about three musicians, a fiddler, a trumpeter, and a flute player, that leave their home looking for somewhere to play their instruments. In a later found village, the musicians overhear a conversation about an enchanted castle with riches and treasures. When they return home, each instrument player is sent to look for the castle, but one of them has a longer trip than the rest because he defeated a "small obstacle" that the other musician could not defeat. This specific musician goes deeper into the castle and discovers various treasures.

These first three photos are the instruments of the musicians, the fiddle/violin, the trumpet, and the flute.

Typical Characteristics

Special Beginning: "The Three Musicians" starts off with

Once upon a time there were three musicians,

(Lang). The special beginning used is once upon a time.

Good Charecter (Protaginist): The protagonist of this story is the flute player (Final Musician).

Evil Charecter (Antagonist): The antagonist of this story is a dwarf with a magical beard and wand who beat the first two musicians.

Royalty and/or Castle: In the story, there were two magical castles. The first castle was discovered by all the musicians. It was very quiet, and it consisted of one room that had a variety of food on a table. The second castle was only discovered by the flute player. It had multiple rooms, and one of them held a sleeping princess and a bird. The only way to reach this castle is to cross a river that could not be crossed without splitting it.

Magic Use/ Something Magical: The dwarf's beard and wand are magical items because

as soon as the youth had the beard in his hands, he felt so strong that he was fit for anything

(Lang). He could see things that had been obscure before. The wand was used to part the river to allow the flute player and dwarf to cross. Both of castles can also be considered magical because they were both put under a magical spell that made everything the dwarf did not want people to see invisible. The bird found in the second castle can be considered magical because its heart awakened the princess who was under an enchanted sleep spell.

Problem: An evil dwarf was keeping the musicians from obtaining the treasure from the castle.

Solution: The flute player takes the dwarf's magical artifacts from him to make him powerless, and he tricks the dwarf into showing him the treasure by telling the dwarf that

[he would] give back [his] beard,

but he actually did not have

no intention of doing so,


3s or 7s: "The Three Musicians" has three musicians, three instruments, three trails, and three main locations.

"The Three Musicians" Connection to Germany

The Black Forest region is where most German fairy tales, and during the story the musicians went through a forest to reach a castle.

When each musician went inside the castle, they ate pieces of chicken. A german diet consist of cold meats, such as chicken.

Germans are known for their music and music festivals. At the beginning of the story, the musicians were at a music festival playing music. This story is also based around musical instruments.


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