MTPS September 14, 2021 Update Marlboro Means Something!

Fake Masks

I wanted to take a moment and clarify a few items of concern. I want to thank the parents and guardians who contacted me yesterday to discuss the concept of “fake masks”. It was brought to my attention that some members of the community are advocating for the use of these masks in our schools.

In speaking straight . . .


It is time to place aside personal feelings regarding masks and help us make this the best year possible.
Please do not purchase masks for your children that seek to deceive and provide absolutely no level of protection for our students and staff.
Despite feelings, which everyone is entitled to have, our responsibility is to the greater good at the moment. You may not agree with the mandate, or any mandate, for that matter. But here are the simple facts:

In only 4 days, we have had 36 positive cases in our schools.

I need everyone to just stop for a moment and process this fact. 36 in 4 days.
Everyone must wear a face mask that is not designed to deceive others; we all need to follow proper protocols for this virus.
I have three children. I understand the inconvenience of having a child in quarantine. What is even worse is sending children to school with symptoms, which will result in more positive cases along with a greater number of students in quarantine. Please place aside personal feelings and help us to stay operational.
I want to be exceptionally clear. I will not debate masks in emails, conversations, or at board meetings.
MTPS will wear masks under the Executive Order as directed; 36 positive cases in 4 days reinforces the need for masks in our district currently.

Respecting Our Incredible School Nurses

In addition, I am requesting that everyone be kind and respectful to our school nurses.
We are receiving reports that some parents/guardians are not demonstrating respect in conversations with our nurses. This is simply unacceptable. We understand frustration, childcare, and all that goes into your responsibilities as a parent and guardian during these times. MTPS nurses are hardworking, compassionate, and caring. It is essential that we treat our nurses with respect at all times.

Another Temperature Clarification

I also understand that there is still some level of confusion regarding how MTPS is handling masks and the heat exemption despite parent/guardian communications that were sent on September 8, 2021 and September 13, 2021. It is essential to read the content of the emails that are sent from the district regarding these important concepts.

Upcoming Weather

Please refer any questions to your child’s building principals regarding heat in classrooms.
According to the 10 Day Weather Forecast, it looks like tomorrow will be the last hot day this week.
We will certainly allow students in classrooms without air-conditioning to remove masks tomorrow. The high temperature for tomorrow is currently forecasting 87 degrees.
Masks will be required on the bus ride to school tomorrow. Temperatures in the early morning are currently forecasted to be 72 degrees.
Masks will not be required on the bus ride home tomorrow. Temperatures in the late afternoon are currently forecasted to be 87 degrees.
As always, you as the parent/guardian can instruct your child to keep masks on regardless of possible heat exemptions.
The forecast for Friday’s high temperature is currently 76 degrees. For Friday, we will again look at individual classrooms throughout the day. As communicated previously, we will take each day as it comes in individual classrooms moving forward.
Only by working together as a community will we navigate these very difficult times. We must be Marlboro Strong together.
Sincerely - Eric - MTPS Superintendent
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