Distrito Federal jessica miranda

The definition of cultural identity is a sense of belonging. Like a shared sense of companionship, beliefs, interests, and basic principles of living.

The ethnic group I identify would be a Mexicans

My family for the most part have been from el D.F. My grandparents from my mom's side came from Veracruz but later on moved to el D.F. My grandparents from my dad's side where both from el D.F. but my great grandparents were from Provincia.

Spanish originated on the Iberian peninsula, although it wasn't known as Spanish at the time. Toward the end of the sixth century, a nomadic tribe form Central Europe known as the Celts, moved into the area, mixing with the peninsulas inhabitants. Resulting in a new group of people called Celtiberians & they spoke a form of the Celtic language. By the nineteenth century, the region was commonly known as Hispania. Hispanic people learned Latin from roman settlers & traders soon after, a new language was formed that was a mixture of Classical Latin & Celtiiberian language. The new language closely resembled Classical Latin. It was known as Vulgar Latin, that eventually evolved into modern Spanish.

The characteristics for a Mexican women have for many years been that she needs to have a curvy body, like an hourglass or guitar shape, well-proportioned and not precisely a thin body type. Another characteristic that defines Mexican beauty is the eyes, people lol for big eyes with lush and long eyelashes, expressive and bright eyes. In general the majority of Mexican has dark skin, with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes & are mostly average height. But there are some Mexicans that have lighter skin, colored eyes & light colored hair.

Mexican food very widely based on income level & social class. The foods eaten by the working are corn, tortillas, along with beans, rice, tomatoes, chili peppers and chorizo. The foods that are commonly know by most people are empanadas, chilaquiles, tacos, tamales & enchiladas.

In Mexican folk art clay pottery, embroidered cotton garments, wool shawls & outer garments, with angular designs, colorful baskets and rugs are some of the items commonly associated with it. Two of Mexicos famous artists are Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera. Their paintings include vibrant colors depicting the life of Mexico.

Mariachi originated in the southern part of the state of Jalisco sometime in the nineteenth century. It involves a group of musicians, playing violins, guitars, bass, vinuelas (a five-string guitar) & trumpets. Some famous mariachi singers are Ana Gabriel, Joan Sebastian, Pedro Fernandez, & Vicente Fernandez. The cucaracha is a well known mariachi staple.

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