School Return 8th March 2021

Thank you to pupils, parents and staff for all your ongoing understanding, support and continued hard work throughout the recent lockdown.This has been very much appreciated and has ensured Milefield Primary continues to be a safe and positive environment in which to work and learn. The COVID outbreak has certainly tested us all in many different ways and I continue to wish that you, your families and friends are keeping safe and well at such a challenging time. - Mrs Trickett
As of the 8th March 2021, Milefield Primary will re-open its doors to all pupils.
As a school, I would like to assure you that the safety and well-being of all our pupils, parents and staff is our priority. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure every measure is in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.
We are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils, parents and staff feel confident in returning to a safe and happy school environment.
We have followed government guidelines to adapt routines and procedures in school whilst ensuring that pupil’s happiness and transition back into school is still at the forefront of everything we do.
I know I can rely on the support of both parents and staff to ensure that 'the new school normal' is a place where pupils feel confident and secure so they can thrive and learn.
Thank you- Mrs Trickett
Following the Government announcement regarding the wider opening of schools in March 2021, additional and updated information has been made available. As a school, with the support and guidance of Hoyland Common Academy Trust (HCAT), we have been working on implementing risk assessments, changes and plans to ensure our school can safely re-open to ALL pupils on 8th March 2021. We have been working endlessly to ensure policies, risk assessments and government guidelines are in place but more importantly that everyone is safe.
This document has been created as a point of reference for parents in relation to the wider opening of school. Please find below important information to provide clarity about what the school day will look like and a clear understanding of the measures we are taking to ensure safety is given full priority.You can also view our School Return FAQs for further information.
  • All pupils and staff are allocated a bubble.
  • Where possible, staff and pupils should remain within classroom bubbles but classes have been linked to form larger year group bubbles for purposes of lunchtimes, breaks etc.
  • Staggered start/end times to: the school day; break times and lunch times have been implemented.
  • Class toilet allocations are in place- these must be adhered to and toilets will only be used when a cubicle/stall space is free.
  • Bubbles must be adhered to at all times for safety. Communication between bubbles will be done via the use of technology.

In order to keep pupils as safe as possible we will be using the following times for dropping off and collection:

With some classes using the same entrances/exit points, it is important that parents and pupils stick to the assigned drop off and collection times.

Please refer to the information below for further details regarding bubbles, staggered school timetables, staffing etc.

To ensure safety on entry and exit of school, eliminate bottle-necking and limit the number of pupils and parents accessing school site, the following has been implemented:

  • Staggered school day
  • Allocated entry/exit points- as detailed below.
  • One-way system- as outlined below.
  • Staff allocated at key points, at start/end of school day, to support pupils and parents, ensure social distancing is in place and answer any questions.
  • Cone markers will be placed two metres away from entrance/exit points to reinforce to drop off/collection points.
  • Staff members will be available on the door of entrances/exits.
  • The one-way system has been marked out by arrows on footpaths and school grounds as a point of reference.
Due to social distancing, only pupils will be allowed to enter the school building and all adults should remain outside.
We ask that all parents and pupils respect the one-way system and follow the direction of travel shown above. We also ask that all adults on school site wear a face covering wherever possible to reduce the risk.
Please remember that our office staff are in a bubble.
Registers, including dinner registers, will be taken in class.


The following protocol will be in place for pupils who arrive late:
  • Pupils arriving late should come to main reception and use the buzzer to alert admin team.
  • The admin team will alert Miss Jones (Attendance Officer).
  • Miss Jones will come and speak with the pupil (and parent) and contact staff in the appropriate bubble to alert to late arrival.
  • Miss Jones will accompany the pupil to appropriate class/bubble- social distancing applied where they will be greeted by a member of staff at the allocated entrance.

In the instance of late collection, staff within the bubble should contact Miss Jones/admin team. Pupils should remain with staff in their bubble. Miss Jones/admin team will contact parents and inform staff of arrangements.


As of week commencing 8th March 2021, we will be offering breakfast club provision for pupils from EYFS-Y6. This will be run/led by Mrs Little & Mrs Archer.

EYFS/KS1 pupils will be allocated the Library area and KS2 pupils the Hall.

Mrs Archer will greet pupils and grant entry to school via old main entrance doors (hall doors).

Activities in each area will be split so pupils are kept in class bubbles.

Areas used for breakfast club will be thoroughly cleaned down after use.

Places for breakfast club need to be booked and paid for upfront (£2 per pupil, per day). A place for the following week should be booked via the school office by Thursday at 3.15pm.

Due to Government guidelines we will only be offering a capacity of 30 each day.



  • Staggered break and lunch times have been implemented- refer to bubble timetable. These will be strictly followed each day.
  • Multiple dining spaces have been allocated- refer to bubble timetable.
  • Outdoor spaces/playgrounds have been allocated- refer to bubble timetable.
  • Additional staff will be covering dinner duty to reduce cross contamination/mixes of bubbles. Each class/bubble will be allocated SMSAs- refer to bubble timetable.
  • Lunchboxes will be kept on trolleys in classrooms.
  • School dinners will resume to full offer- pupils will be directed by SMSAs to collect dinner from serving hatch.
  • Tables and seats will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each lunch sitting ready for the next class.
EXTRA CURRICULAR PROVISION: Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer after school clubs to begin with. We endeavour to get these set up and running as soon as possible. However, as of Monday 15th March, we will be offering a bubble booster club every Monday from 3.15-4.15pm for all pupils from Y1-Y6. Please watch out for further information.
WALKING BUS: Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines and to ensure pupils remain in allocated bubbles, we will not be able to offer walking bus provision until further notice.

School Uniform:

All pupils should wear a school uniform as normal.
No face masks to be worn.
PE Days will be communicated by classteachers and pupils may come to school in kits on these days.

Please bring your book bags and reading books back to school from the first day back, this way staff can listen to you read and ensure you receive a new reading book asap.

Extra reading boosters will be set up in the second week back so look out for a letter about these and make sure your child(ren) sign up to attend.


Frequent hand washing is a MUST!

All pupils will wash their hands as they come into school and at regular points through the day. They do not need to bring their own hand gel or cleaning products.

A hand washing scheduled has been devised which must be adhered to:

Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water whenever asked throughout the day.

Everyone must use tissues to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. They must then throw this into a bin and wash their hands afterwards.

Anyone experiencing symptoms MUST inform a member of staff/SLT immediately, follow instructions for isolation (allocated room) and will be sent home.

Adult or child showing symptoms...
The following protocol has been implemented:
  • Pupil to be taken to COVID isolation area.
  • Child who is symptomatic to wear face mask immediately.
  • Escorting adult to wear face mask and supervise at distance.
  • Office/SLT will be informed.
  • Where appropriate, Public Health and the Local Authority will be informed and advice followed.
  • Parent/family member collecting child will be advised about self-isolation and testing.
  • Deep cleaning of bubble and isolation area will be conducted.

FIRE SAFETY: Fire drills will follow same process as normal. Social distancing is not applicable. In the event of a fire alarm, getting pupils out of school safely is the main priority.

To ensure safety and hygiene, the following cleaning procedures have been put in place. These must be adhered to by all:
  • Staff will clean down frequently touched surfaces throughout day- lunch time; end of day at a minimum.
  • Staff will replace bin bags at midday.
  • Daily checks will be completed to ensure classrooms are stocked and replenished with: Anti-bacterial Soap; Hand Sanitiser; Paper Towels; Bin Bags; Tissues; Anti-bacterial spray & kitchen roll.
  • Classrooms will be well-ventilated by leaving classroom doors/windows open throughout lesson time, then wide open to purge the air at break times.
  • FS1 classroom will be cleaned between am/pm session by staff.
  • Pupils toilets will be cleaned/wiped down at midday.


Areas for learning have been adapted and relocated to allow for social distancing. Classroom layouts have also been adapted to follow the government guidelines.
Outdoor spaces have been scheduled on a ‘rota style’ basis to avoid free flow of groups and ensure children continue to remain in their ‘bubble’.
Pupils are asked to bring minimal items to school with them, a coat, any medical items (inhalers etc. -prescribed only) and packed lunch (as required). All children will be given a water bottle from school. Please do not bring anything else.

The following has been implemented to reduce risks and ensure safety...

  1. Table/seating arrangements will be forward facing.
  2. Pathways around classrooms, entrances/exits and sink areas will be kept clear at all times.
  3. All excess/unnecessary furnishings, particularly soft furnishings have been removed.
  4. Pupil access to resources will be limited and pupils will have their own set of equipment/resources.
  5. Pupils will store coats in cloakrooms. Staff to monitor number of pupils accessing cloakrooms at any one time.
  6. All pupils will be provided with a school water bottle which should be kept on/under desks.
  7. Tables/surfaces will be kept tidy and cleared at the end of each day to ensure surfaces can be easily cleaned.
Assemblies will all take place online. If your child is due to receive an award, we will send this home with them.
  • Inhalers/medication must be signed for and brought into school via main office. Only vital medication must be brought in and a doctor’s prescription must be printed on the item.
  • A number of medical stations have been set up around school to avoid children moving to different areas around school.
  • The school has devised a number of areas to act as staffrooms to ensure staff working within different bubbles have limited contact with each other.

Our vision, core values and learning behaviours will continue to be at the heart of all we do and will be upheld at all times...

Curriculum, Teaching & learning

For information regarding curriculum, teaching and learning including recovery plans and expectations please refer to the Recovery Curriculum presentation available on the school website.

In the event of a bubble closure or pupil shielding, staff will provide home learning as set out in the remote education spark page on our website.

We are committed to supporting pupils to recover lost learning time and be back on track by the end of the Summer Term.

Recovery = Keep up not catch up!

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. We appreciate that this is an extremely difficult time for parents and understand that you may have concerns and worries. However, we hope that having communicated our plan for your child and the school will help to alleviate some of those concerns. If you require a meeting or would like to speak with a member of school staff, please call the school office. Unfortunately, we cannot allow walk-in appointments.
I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March - Mrs Trickett
Key Dates Spring Term 2021
  • Monday 8th March - ALL pupils return to school.
  • 8th - 12th March - Science Week in school.
  • Parents Meetings will only take place week commencing 5th July (Summer term) further information to follow.
  • Wednesday 24th March - School Photographs.
  • Friday 26th March - Final day before 2 week Easter break.
  • Monday 12th April - First day back after Easter.


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