Good Life Performance By kurt fernandes

The Spatial Experience

The night of the Good Life Performance was my first time visiting Constans Theatre. At first it felt a little unusual walking into the theatre as I was always accustomed to the auditorium of my high school. I spent the majority of my time there because I was a band student, and I attended all of my school's play productions. Although I was seated by a theatre attendant I luckily received a perfect seat in the auditorium, in the middle of a row with no one seated behind me. This is normally the seat location I take when viewing a movie so I was quite satisfied, and this allowed me to enjoy the performance to its maximum potential. Once the lights dimmed in the theatre I immediately felt excited because I was about to be taken into a different time and culture to experience a new story. Constans Theatre is smaller than most auditoriums that I have experienced, but I preferred its smaller size as I felt closer to the stage and more engaged in the performance. The spatial experience of the performance showed my that we must know where we are happy, and we must strive to be in those places when pursuing our Good Life. I would not have enjoyed the performance as much as I did if I had an undesirable seat in the front corner of the auditorium.

Constans Theatre was a new experience for me

The Social Experience

The performance of The Divine A Play for Sarah Bernhardt proved to be a very enjoyable social experience. I attended the play with my girlfriend, Jessica. She and I love going to events together, and frankly it would have been a little weird to attend the play without her. Before the performance I made sure to wear formal clothes for the theatre, and to dress warm as it would likely be cold inside. Also I was sure to read background information about the production. Attending the performance with friends enhanced my experience by giving me someone to share my opinions with about the performance. In addition, Jessica and I were able to assist each other with following the plot of the play. Shared experiences are important in the the Good Life because I seem to enjoy an experience more if I know someone else is enjoying that experience as well. Whenever I am enjoying something by myself I feel that it would be more enjoyable with someone else.

Jessica and I seated together inside Constans Theatre

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is set in Quebec City during the year 1905, a time not too long ago in a culture very similar to American culture during that time. In my opinion the central issue addressed in the play was the corruption in society, and the lack of compassion among people. Before attended the performance I previous knowledge on some of the themes addressed. My mother grew up in India with five other siblings and was raised by a single-mother, so she has shared her experiences with poverty with me. Also, as a Catholic I have read multiple stories of children who were molested by priests and had the events covered up. The son of one of our family friend church was molested by a priest when he was a child, and later on committed suicide as a result. The performance really helped me to understand these important social issues and relate to the struggles some of us in society have to face. I began to think if it is really worth putting ourself before others, or if we need to do what we feel is morally correct.

This picture to me captures the many different experiences and emotions one may find during a production in Constans Theatre

Emotional Experience

The Good Life Performance provides its audience with an opportunity for katharsis by exemplifying the importance of doing what we feel is morally just. Mrs. Talbot continues to let her son Leo work tireless hours at the factory even though he developed a sickly cough as a result from the fumes of the factory. To avoid being discovered as a child worker she lets him go down under the floorboards of the factory where he burns to his death. Talbot does not have the courage to tell the story of his molestation to the police as he is intimidated and threatened by Brother Casgrain. However it only took one individual in the play to bring the perpetrator to justice. Michaud overcomes the potential consequences of his actions to bring the evil priest to justice and send the confession to the police. It made me very upset to know that situations similar to what was portrayed did take place in our society. Brother Casgrain, who was molested by the priest, tells Tolbert that it is God's will that he forgives the priest for what he did and forget about the ordeal. It is sad to know that there are individuals who are capable of such actions, but also reassuring that there are also people like Michaud there as well.

I was very impressed with the performance and happy to have attended the production

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