Norita Modern argentinian cuisine

Norita is the way my grandmother used to call my mother while she was cooking so she can bring my grandma things. Is a memory of a very important sequence while the whole family spend toghether around the kitchen. In the modern days is an Argentinian modern wave of chefs that are changing the way Argentina food is view but outside of Argentina we are poorly seen as beef -potatoes- chimichurri and as an Argentinian chef I think is time to Change that. Bringing to one of the most vibrant food scenes of the world my interpretation of modern Argentinian cuisine.

With a menu a la carte, as most of the restaurant in Argentina serve, 15 choices to share with friends and loved ones, offering a range of Argentina wines.

ELEMENTS. -wood. - leather. - silver - wool

Ideas design

Produce used traditionatlly: beef-Patagonian lamb- chicken- quail - duck - pork- hams- sweetbreads- blood sausages- chorizo- Laredo - tongue- bone marrow- entraƱa- tenderloin - rib eye- sirloin- pigeon- pancetta- bacon-smoked ham. Pastas all kinds- empanadas- tamales

Seafood: octopus- black cod- King crab- shrimp- squid-mussels- clams-scallops-Seabass - salmon-rainbow trout- red mullet-anchovies-hake-dorado-grey mullet-tpike

Vegetables and diary:fontina cheese-mozzarella-sardonic-provolone-ricotta-olive oil-all the vegetables been dominant:corn-an dine potatoes-squash-zuchini-tomatoes-oregano-smoked paprika-parsley-garlic-chilies-mate- dulce de Lethe- quince- milk tea-

Basically are a huge range of produce to choose allowing to create a great cuisine from a personal point of view showcasing a part of the culture that nobody knows outside of argentina.

Style of food:

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