WHO AM I ? by Christina cento

I want to share with you one of the most important things that changed my life, and what I discovered about who we are and how God made us. Knowing who you really are will change your life forever!

Prepare your mind for action! You are in for a big surprise. Reading this e-book will inspire and empower you. It will help you see things and situations from a different perspective.

Let's take another look at what God has to say about you. Scroll down...


Christina Cento is the founder of Mighty and Chic. She inspires and empowers women to change their lives. Christina will share with you the things that brought real change to her live and the things learned in her walk with God. She will help you understand who you are in Christ, discover your purpose and find your beauty from the inside and outside. One of her favorite questions is: "When are you going to be you?"



THE REAL YOU - Discover who you really are. The Real You is the ”Original" You!

THE NEW YOU - Knowing how you are made will help you to understand who you really are. Learn what happens when you go from old to new!

Who am I? I am who God says I am! Let's take another look at what God has to say about you.

The REAL YOU is the "original" you!


Who is the Real You? The Real You is spiritual. The Real You is the original you. If we could go back in time to when God created the earth, we will find that He was thinking about us (See Proverbs 8:30-31). Right from the beginning we were created perfect, in God's image (See Ephesians 1:4). God imagined and designed us into His likeness. That’s who we are; that's the REAL YOU.

Then something happened. Adam, the very first man God created, was deceived, and he sinned. After that, humanity was cursed, all of us counted as sinners, spiritually dead and separated from God. Knowing that this was going to happen, God already had a “recovery” plan.

THE PLAN - Before the foundations of the earth (See 1 Peter 1:19-20) God had set a strategy in place – a plan in motion to redeem man from sin and to join us back together with Him. You can see The Plan as it unfolds when you read the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament. This Plan was incredibly clever; it’s truly the best story ever told!

I used to think that because I did something wrong (sinned) I was called a sinner. Then, I was hit by a truth! We are all sinner because of what the first man Adam did. When Adam sinned in the garden of Eden, we all sinned (See Romans 3:23). I had no idea that once he sinned, we all fell victims of a spiritual, evil enemy. The same enemy that convinced Adam to sin is still trying to steal our identity, and everything else he can.

Once we are a born-again believer, our spirit is reconciled with God because of what Jesus already did for us through his death and resurrection. The REAL YOU became a NEW YOU - as it was in its original state. We can no longer be called sinners, we have been forgiven, redeemed, and accepted. We are now in God's family!

With all that said, that does not mean that we won't sin. We will sin from time to time because although our spirit has been perfected, our soul and body still need to be transformed - these two needs the revelation of who we are in Christ, and what belongs to us.

God loved us so much; He sent His Son Jesus to restore the union and freedom that we had lost then. Jesus’ death and resurrection pushed the reset button; bringing us back to complete restoration. We are God's children!

I spent a good amount of time in my life trying to stay away from God. Telling myself, ‘If He is so good, why do bad things happened to me?’ I was angry and disappointed with God. I didn't know that I was a 'rebel without a cause' so to speak!

I cried when I realized that the headaches, heartaches and bad stuff that happened to me were not God's doings. I didn't know that God's love included a plan of redemption, put in place to provide not only salvation, but also healing, prosperity, joy, and peace, etc. Jesus paid the price for us to be blessed and free.

Satan will do anything to deceive us; he will try to keep us as far away possible from God, so that we don’t know truth and be set free! The enemy does not want us to uncover (realize) who we really are in Christ. He will also do what ever he can to keep us from finding God's purpose and assignments for our lives.

Since we were born, most of our decisions were influenced by the enemy – and that without our knowledge. Did you know that every day we get up to a fallen world, I didn't know that?. This world, with its patterns and philosophies, is always trying to dictate us the way to think, see, feel, hear, relate, and do things. God makes a very big distinction between what is His wisdom and what's the wisdom of the world.

Without realizing it – our relationships, society, culture and the media, among other things, impose on us certain views and belief systems. I can cripple us. Can you see how the REAL YOU can be buried below layers of lies, confusion, fear, hopelessness, pride, insecurities and low self-esteem?

Now I see things and situations differently. I used to asked, why me? Today the opposite makes more sense – why not me? Satan hates God, and since God loves me, Satan hates me too! Can you see why the enemy hates us so much? He hates us because God loves us. He will try to bring chaos, problems, sickness and any other things to bring us down, and doubt God's goodness.

Always choose to believe God, and not the lies of the enemy. Remember, You are more than a conqueror in Christ. We can do all things though Christ who strengthen us. When we stand (and keep standing!) against the enemy, he has to leave!


I am who God says I am! Not knowing or understanding who God says we are, keeps us from what belongs to us. We are made in God’s image. We are God's daughters. We have a full inheritance that includes: power, position, authority, love, health, peace, joy, security, prosperity... everything! It's time to let go of your paradigm of life or the assumptions and perspectives of others. Let’s believe God and who He says we are.


Fearless. Unique. Blessed. Confident. Creative. Accepted. Purposeful. Loved. Called. Mighty. Holy. Saved. Generous. Beautiful. Forgiven. Favored. Joyful. Compassionate. Righteous. Chic. Prosperous. Healed. Anointed. Restored. Positioned. Successful. Resurrected. Free.

It was quite a surprise when I started to realized that all God says I am – I am! I was shocked when I finally realized that I am loved, accepted in God's eyes. In my younger years, I didn't feel accepted, joyful or beautiful. I suffered from depression and all kinds of other horrible things. I had no understanding of who I was in Christ.

The way I felt, talked and acted did not correlate with who God says I am. If that's how you feel today, most likely you don't understand who's the old you and the new you?


Knowing how we are made helps us to understand why we do what you do, why we talk how we talk, and why we feel how we feel.

There is an old you and a New You. The old you is the human person that was spiritually dead. The old you is who we were before we got saved. After we received Jesus in our hearts, things changed! We went from old to new (a new creature), this involving a continual transformation process (See Romans 12).

It is through the Holy Spirit, and with His help that you will uncover the Real You. It's like finding yourself all over again!

Some parts of us are in transition. They are being transformed – from old to new! The New You will help you discover and uncover the 'original' REAL YOU.

We are made of three parts: Spirit, Soul, and Body.


When we got saved, our spirit was transfigured (instantly changed). Through Jesus, we are holy, righteous, and with no sin (among other things!). Our spirit is perfect.

You and I can't be more holy or righteous that what we already are. Yet, we still need a revelation of this. We are not righteous because of anything we did or didn't do, but because what Jesus already did.

We are justified, holy, righteous, because as born-again believers, we now live in Him (Jesus), through Him (Jesus), with Him (Jesus) and for Him (Jesus). Who He is, we are; What He has, it’s ours!

God made us essentially in three parts: Spirit, Soul, and Body. The Real You is spirit. Our spirit is already transformed – totally changed. It went from dead to alive; it's completely regenerated. The soul and body are not – these two need transformation.

The soul is divided mainly into three parts: Mind, Will, and Emotions. Change needs to start in our heads, that's where all the thinking is done. When our mind is transformed, our will (willingness) and decision-making changes. Our emotions, how we feel about things also change.

See why it doesn't matter if we feel holy or not, we are. Or if we feel righteous or accepted, we have to know we are! The problem is that we don’t have consciousness of these truths. Our identity issues are not in our spirit; it's our mind, will, and emotions what gets in the way.

Through faith, we can believe what God says about us. Not because of how we feel, what we have or have not done. But simply because it is who we really are – who God says we are.

I hope that as we talk, you can see how important it is to know the truth of who you are and how you are made. We cannot afford to believe what the enemy, the world, and people say about us. Remember, there is no truth in Satan. The enemy hates us, he is out to destroy us. If we can't trust God and what He says about us, who can we trust?


The soul (mind, will, and emotions) is different than the spirit. The mind: your thoughts, perceptions, judgments, and reasoning are in need of continual transformation – the spirit needs to rule over your soul and body.

Think of the old you as your old patterns of thinking and behaviors, the will and emotions that have been bent and oppressed for years – since you were born.

The Word of God transforms our minds. Through the Holy Spirit we can destroy and push out ideas and perspectives embedded in our mind by the enemy and the world system. When the Word of God is activated (revealed through the Holy Spirit) our mind can understand… The way we see things changes! Our mind is established in Truth – the Truth that destroys the strongholds in your mind and sets you free.

Behavior modification deals over and over with habits and cravings but without signs of permanent change or fruits of the spirit. The revelation from God’s Word will transform your mind. The Word is alive! It has the power to dismantle, destroy and disarm old thinking patterns and wrong belief systems.

The enemy is defeated. All Satan can do is attempt to bait us back into the old feelings and emotions to try and control us again. We need to believe God and resist, stand against the enemy. I assure you, if you stand, the enemy will go (See James 4:7).

One thing I've learned is that Holy Spirit will never make us do anything against our will. When we let go of our life and submit ourselves (our will) to God that's when we make it possible for the Holy Spirit to continue the process of transformation.


The body, just like the soul, not only needs to be changed but also put under complete subjection. The word subjection might sound strong, but believe me; our soul and body will try to dominate us at all cost. It will desire for the things that are against God, see more in Romans 8:7.

The soul and body refer to "the flesh" or "carnal." Our flesh is our human side, our worldly appetites, and cravings – the old you! (See Romans 8:6) We won’t be free to live fully and enjoy all that God has for us if we don’t remain in constant renewal. Without a continual transformation, we keep ourselves confined to the old nature, which is spiritually dead. I couldn't allow that to happen anymore in my life.

It is through God’s Word and spending time with the Holy Spirit that I started to change. I also made a deliberate decision to give up my will and allow God to transform me. I promise you, He can and will do a beautiful work in you. You will see incredible change and feel different.

Not only our life now belongs to God, but also our body. Our bodies are the temple of God; the Holy Spirit lives in us. Through Him, we will be able to take control of our bodies, and put it into subjection. Through the Holy Spirit, we can conquer temptations, avoid traps and addictions, etc. (See more in Romans 8:13).

I didn't know that even my best self-efforts are dead, part of the old. It might sound crazy but even trying to do good, be well-behaved, to be more patient or loving... done out of self-effort, will eventually end up disappointing you and feeling like a failure. Only through the Holy Spirit we can permanently dominate and put our old nature (the flesh) into submission.

Behavior modification does not work on its own, trying to change bad habits and conducts or doing "good works" can only go so far. Trust me; I've been there - done that. What we want is the permanent change!

...but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think! From Romans 12:2

The more we realize that the old is gone – died with Christ, we become fearless… transformed from the inside out. You will be surprised how your feelings, emotions, habits, cravings – all changes permanently when the Holy Spirit does the work. Once the way you think changes... the way you talk, act and feel will be different. It’s amazing!

We are made of three parts: Spirit, soul, and body. When we got saved, our spirit was instantly transfigured. The soul (will, mind and emotions) and the body still needs to be transformed.

As your mind changes, the way you think, feel, talk and act will change also.

The transformation of our soul and the body takes time (and practice!). Walking in the Spirit instead of the flesh happens as we: (1) Have a relationship with God and spend time in His presence. (2) Submit ourselves daily to God. (3) Trust and depend completely on the Holy Spirit. (4) Renew our mind daily with God’s Word (the Bible). (5) Allow our spirit to rule over our soul and body.


I am who God says I am!

We may not always feel like how God say we are. I think it is because we have not received a complete revelation of who we are in Christ and how much God loves us.

It starts with the revelation of who we are and continues the process with understanding that 'who we are has nothing to do with how we feel.' Remember, the Real You is Spirit. Feelings are part of the Soul!

What's next? Go deep, explore, consider, let God show you what it really means to be fearless, unique, blessed, accepted, purposeful, loved, called, mighty, beautiful, forgiven, favored, righteous, chic, healed, restored, positioned and free! Trust Him! Get ready for more wonderful surprises to come...

Life is short! Your future is full of great purpose, and assignments designed just for you. No one else can do what you are called to do. The revelation of who you are in Christ is one of the most important things to be successful in life - in every assignment God has for you.

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