Carving 3D Printing By Jaheim C.

This Photo inspired my 3D Carve I liked the Image I don't really know why I guess I just like the image. I saw potential to make it my own.

My Hand made sketch

I changed the design a lot i simplified it a lot the wings don't have as much detail but i also changed a lot I put my alias J suave and the heart is broken beat and battered and scarred and I shaded in Parts the shaded in parts represent parts that fell out or just aren't they're anymore i change the halo to more of a crown because i like to think of myself as royalty. And the world does revolve around me. I didn't really prepare for this project I just started doodling and played around with it until it was perfect.

I put the picture into adobe slate then i made it smaller so it'd fit on my square and changed the style of it of it didn't put the lines it put carves around it, and changed the brush size so you could see at the details.

Then it took about 11 minutes to carve. Which seemed super fast to me.

Then I had the finished preject you see above.

Created By
Jaheim C

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