The Mars water collection challenge

2/13/17: ABSENT

2/14/17: ABSENT

Think 2/15/17: today we need to get more work done our design. Making a string drive base for our robot is what we need. Our claw is not super important to us right now. I think we will use the same sort of design as the previous claw.

Do: we got some work done today on our drive base, but it's not complete yet.

Think 2/16/17: today we need to just get work done. We need to get some more progress on our drivetrain. Also, start thinking about our claw system.

Do: today our drive base was not doing well. It was malfunctioning a lot, and just didn't work.

Think 2/17/17: today we need a to get our drive train done. We are not going to focus on our claw a lot because we need to get over the hump. Also, we need to get over that hump soon.

Do: today we finished the drivetrain. We also got some driving done, but I didn't get over the ramp.

Think 2/21/17: today we are gong to work o the rest of our robot. We need to make a way for our robot to have extra wheels that would help us get over the ramp. We also need to do some work on the claw

Do: today we got some work done. We got hand of some wheels! We still didn't get over the hump though.

Think 2/22/17: today we need to make the bot able to get over the hump. Make a better wheel design so we could get over. Also get some work done with our claw.

Do: we did not make our robot able to get over the hump today.

Think 2/23/17: today we need to get our robot over the hump. If we don't get this done sometime soon, we are not going to be ready for the commotion. If we can get video evid nice if our robot getting over would be key.

Do: today we did not get our bot over the hump. We found that our claw isn't powerful enough to lift the bottle, so we need to fix that.

Think 2/24/17: today we need to keep working on our robots drive train. We need to figure out a way for our robot to get over. Also fix the claw up.

Do: today we did not get hump the hump.

Think 2/27/17: today we really need to get over the hump. There are some flaws in the claw. Today we are going to focus on getting over.

Do: we still did not make it over the hump.

Think 2/28/17: today we HAVE to get over. The deadline for the challenge is tomorrow. We need to get over and test our claw.

Do: it worked! We got over the hump! We also got the chance to pick up the bottle!

Think 3/1/17: we need to do the best we can today. Get over the hump as fast as possible. Then pick up the water bottle for an 80.

Do: we did exactly what we needed.

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