Pike,Zebulon moutgomery by.sydney lipper

Pike,Zebulon Moutgomery was born on jan 5 1779 and died in aprl 27 1813. The age of two his famliy moved from pizivania to new jursey, his father was in the gorge washiton army, pike began his millitary carear in 1794 and was sent to exsplore the mississippi river

Pike was sent to exsplore the mississippi river.He lead a crew of 20 men to find the source of the mississippi river.

Pike went with ships but once the lake got frozen he took sleads.But he aceadently took a wrong turn and laned in leech lake and they thought it was the source of the mississippi river.

The most thaing that was intrasting to me was that he was trying to find the source of the missssippi river but ended up at leech lake

His early life. In his early life he moved when he was two and started his carrer early.

He was born in jan 5 1779 and lived a long life.

And died in april 27 1813

What did they travle on? They traviled boats and sleaeds.





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