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Mike Giaccone President & CEO

Message from the President

March is the month that Spring finally arrives! With that we will have very anxious clients that want to get their product assembled in preparation for the tidal wave of customers that will converge on their store locations. Our part in this? "To build every single item they need built without fail! Spring to me is like the "Circle of Life". We build the product, the customer buys the product, and we replenish the product so that the cycle starts over and over and over again! Take a minute to think about what you mean to the store locations you touch each and every week. Think about how our clients depend on you to make this process a success. Our goal is to make sure our clients sell the most assembled product they possibly can. That equals success for you and for Assemblers!

"If We Build Them, They Will Sell!!"

Sales Updates

Kelly Henrich Corporate Sales Manager

Mike Giaccone, Marcus Hicks, and myself exhibited at the RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) conference in Orlando, Florida. RILA is a supply chain conference that invites all the major retailers such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Bass Pro, and so on to learn more leadership skills and address other opportunities throughout the industry. The logistics companies that support the retailers come to exhibit at the conference for networking opportunities and to solidify relationships. These logistics companies work with the retailers in the supply chain to get their product from the manufacturer overseas, to the retailer’s distribution centers or stores.

This conference made sense for us to attend in order to go after two different types of customers, the retailers and the logistics companies. While Mike worked our booth, Marcus and I walked the show looking for opportunities. We walked away with leads from the conference and I look forward to seeking these out. We are all working very hard to build the Assemblers, Inc. brand in the retail industry and diversify what we offer.

After the conference was over, we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to attend Orchard Supply Hardware’s spring rally. At the rally, the various vendors had an opportunity to train the employees on their particular products. Mike Giaccone presented for the employees our capabilities and expectations. The store looked amazing and they had nothing but great things to say about Mike Wells, Nick Rowe, and Mike Barone. Great job representing Assemblers, Inc.’s service and building on our partnership with Orchard Supply Hardware!

I want to give the whole state of Florida a round of applause because of the “state” of condition it was in. We walked several stores with the managers and we were impressed with how “In Tuned” the managers were with the store managers, our processes, and procedures. The technicians take ownership of their stores in walking them and finding opportunities to assemble products that were not pulled to assemble, making necessary parts ordering, on top of having outstanding relationships with the store management. Samuel Derico and Jacob Lovett were two of the technicians we had lunch with, and were able to hear their success stories as well as learn what else we can do to make the techs life easier. For all the technicians reading this, get plugged into your stores, manage your business because it is your business to drive. Look for any opportunity to build and support the stores merchandising.

P.S. It was nice seeing our CEO and Director of Business Development and Strategy pitch in to help build the booth.


Larry Armand Director of Operations

Welcome to March and the start of the Spring Season!

For us to have a successful year we need to stay focused on our Core Values.

It all starts with delivering exceptional service to our customers every day. We need to make sure that we are in the stores on their scheduled day by 8 am, 100% staffed with trained associates and building every item that has been pulled for assembly. Let’s also make sure that we are promoting teamwork and recognizing individual successes.

If we continue to live by our core values our company will continue to grow and offer our associates advancement opportunities.

As a team, we need to always be looking forward, not just to tomorrow, or even just to next week, but in the months after and the years. Our success can be measured not only by our sales but by the growth of our people. We cannot succeed unless the individual techs, the people answering the phones, and our management staff succeed. We need to make sure we are adding value to our customers as well as to ourselves. Staying true to our core values can help us succeed in this.

Jason Bryant South East Division Senior Operations Manager


As we continue to advance as a technology based service company in our industry we need all of you to be comfortable with technology. I know some of your heads explode when we send out certain documents and ask you to update spreadsheets etc. so I would like to send out some guides and information on using technology to assist.

Excel is one of the most commonly used programs we send out data on. Below is a link to some YouTube pages that will help guide you in the right direction-

Your phone would be the next obstacle to get used to. The most common concern I hear with the phones is it’s battery life. Below is a link to some tips to improve the battery life on your phone-

Here are some apps to make your phone more user friendly-

Must try apps-

Here are links to some apps that I use frequently for work on my phone-

For those of you that have the S Pen with your phone, here are some tips and tricks-

Mike Barone Gulf Division Operations Manager

Be Consistent

During stores walks in various markets last month I wanted to understand where we had the most opportunities for 2017. I kept hearing the same answer from all our customers which was consistency. If we can improve in this category everything else will fall into place. Even if we have the best business plan in place it will fail without dedication to consistency.

If I tell a manager am going to do something, I do it. If I say I am going to be somewhere, I’m there. Consistency is a must as we build and grow our business.

Here are a few reasons why:

Consistency allows for measurement.

Until you have tried something new for a period of time you can’t decide if it works or not.

When we roll out new technology for store walks we need to have everyone on board in order to know if it is working properly or if minor tweaks need to be made.

Consistency Creates Accountability.

Everyone should be accountable for their daily goals. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Just deliver.

Consistency establishes your reputation.

Ask yourself what is your track record. Do you show up on time? Do you complete your store 100% every time? You can’t establish a good reputation if you are consistently inconsistent.

Consistency maintains our message.

To make sure we hit our customer service goals this year we need to maintain our message with consistency. We want our customers to make sure they hear our message loud and clear. “Customer Service First”

We took some of our team out for lunch from the New Orleans area. These techs all had 1 thing in common which was “consistency”.

  1. Show up to the store on time
  2. Communicate well with store management
  3. Maintain above average GAP
  4. Have great reputations with our customers


The Training Department is working to improve the content for New Hire training. We’re also working on making product videos, solutions for quality issues, and training materials available to everyone. To develop the content for New Hires and for all AI employees we are using a Training Advisory Panel. This select group of Technicians, Trainers, & Area Leaders will partner to ensure that we produce good, effective training content. We’ll announce the TAP participants next month.

See video below on how to open the 6 burner OG grill in ASO without cutting the hose.


Paul Diment Area Manager: California

A lot is happening in California, spring resets are in full swing in the Orchard Supply Hardware stores. We have seen an increase in store work orders over the past few weeks. Pictures of the spring set are from the Orchard Supply Hardware in E. Modesto, CA.

We have increased our staff over the last few weeks by adding eight new Techs and are looking to hire Five more for the Bay area. For 2017 we'll continue to stay focused on making sure every tech is on time, engaged, increasing sales, and building relationships with the store personnel. We have built a great staff of techs in California and are looking forward to smashing the sales numbers in 2017.

Joey Stephens Area Manager: South Carolina

Gearing up for Spring in South Carolina. We're expecting big drops, and Home Depot has asked that we have at least two man teams. The CAROLINA GANG will rise to the challenges facing us this season. Assemblers Inc. is growing fast and there are plenty of opportunities for techs who want to step up and accept more responsibility, travel and help with big out of area projects, cover stores, install Beaver Fits, etc.

Things are speeding up which means yes, we are hiring! (remember if you bring someone on and they stay 90 days a $50. Bonus will be added to your check) Make sure you give them your tech ID. and Name so that they can note who they were referred by on their application.

Trainers need to mentor newer techs for at least a year. Make sure to exchange phone numbers with them and check up on them often. We have all worked hard to build our area and we are TOP DAWGS Thanks for all y'all do , and remember IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME so build it all.

Tim Bailey Area Manager: Nashville

Sean Bailey is the tech for The Home Depot in Hendersonville, TN. He was solely responsible for the assembly of all the patio sets, grills, and riders for this store. He completed the entire assembly in four days with no assistance! He has developed a great relationship with the store personnel.

He is definitely an asset to not only the Nashville team but to Assemblers Inc.

​Thank You Sean for all of your hard work and dedication.

Nick Row Area Manager: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jacob Lovett we want to congratulate you for making the top tech List or I should say top dog Assembler. Jacob has been with the company for 8 years and is the biggest San Francisco 49ers fan you'll ever meet. We appreciate you Jacob and keep up the good work.

​As spring gets closer we’re adding additional staff to better service our customer’s needs.

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