How America Started In 5 parts!

The colonist fought the British army at Concord to defend the barn where all of there good weapons were. Concord was the second battle of the Revolution. The colonist sent the British running. Colonist hid in trees and behind rocks waiting to pop out and shoot the British. This battle helped America get started because the colonist showed the British that we are not going down without a fight and it helped the colonist regain confidence so that we could win the war. In 1775 the war had begun!

In 1776, the colonist declared independence from England. A few people who wrote the Consitution are James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and John Adams. Most people were nervous to sign the Declaration of Independence because people did not want King George and his army to demolish them. The Declaration of Independence helped America become a country because it told Britain that we are declaring our freedom from Britan. Now we celebrate our independence from Britan on July 4th now known as Independence Day!

After the war ended France, Britan, and the 13 colonies all signed a treaty that ended the Revolutionary War. Three people who signed the Treaty of Paris was John Adams, Benjamin Fraklin, and John Jay Adams. This treaty helped the United States become a country because it ended the war between Britain. The Treaty of Paris stated that no British troops are allowd on American taritory.
The Constitutitional Convention was in 1787. At the Constitutional Convention they made the Bill of Rights. They also made the 10 Admendments and the three braches of goverment, Legislative, Executive, and Judical. This helped America become a country because it made rules for the country and organized it to be how they wanted the country to be like which was a free and independent country.

In 1803, United states offered to by New Orelans from France. The United States offered 10 million but Fance had different ideas they were so broke from fighting in a different battle so they offered the hole Louisiana teritory for 15 million and the United States accepted. The Louisiana Purchase helped America become a country because it doubled the size and it made our country bigger. Also we could now trade with different countrys because we owned the Missouri River.


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