Village of Pulaski WI

Village of Pulaski wisconsin

585 E GLENBROOK DR is where there Villige Hall is located

The Issues that Pulaski had to solved

The issue I chose is the Building Land Comity. My local government handled the issue by accept it. I agree with this 100% because it will bring in more money to Pulaski and it will also bring in a public library so the public can read books without buying them. My modified solution would be to have the lease not last 30 years instead it would last 20 years or less because it wold bring people to Pulaski because it would be the closest library to most people in the Pulaski area that would never come to Pulaski and it is called Brown County Library

Interesting facts about Pulaski

Pulaski Is known as the tri-county it is in Brown but on the out side it is it is Shawano and Oconto.

Pulaski is the home of Polka days.

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