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"Super easy to work with! Tiera was helpful and made the process easy for a first time home buyer. She was responsive to questions and gave multiple ways to communicate. Highly recommend!" - J. Westerhof
"She didn't let a roadblock, one that stopped my mortgage holder from going forward with a refi request, stop her. She looked at it...said it shouldn't be a problem for me. It got approved and now my payments are lower! Thank you so much for your help!" - T. Anderson
"Highly recommend if you shop for a local lender. you get both, in person experience and latest cloud based application process. Tiera Maillet did everything professionally. " - Anton G.
"I highly recommend Tiera. She is super helpful, honest, knowledgeable and makes the process as painless as possible. Thanks for all your help!" - J. Hedman
"Tiera was helpful and thoughtful throughout the home buying process. It’s not every day you buy a second home during a pandemic with a timeline to meet, with a 9 mo. pregnant wife, who loses her job due to government mandates after the initial application. It was a whirlwind of an experience. Tiera reworked many of the loan documents, and we found a way to make everything work out regardless of the cards we were dealt. She was understanding of our situation, she worked with me during my free time outside of my essential duties at work and was mindful of our family matters. I would recommend Tiera to anyone looking to buy a home, knowing she can produce in even the most trying of times. Great job Tiera!” - K. Horn
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