A Big Family Party Seriously Big :-)

This sweet family was celebrating a very special day. Grandma was having a birthday and all the family got together. Four adult siblings and all their kids, kids, kids. Because this was such a big day for their family, they asked me to come out and photograph the whole event. They also wanted each family unit to get a portrait as well. Fortunately, they live on a beautiful piece of property and that made my job easy.

We got there just before Golden Hour and with the magic of some handy apps that allow me to know where the sun is going to set, we were able to soak up a bunch of that warm golden sunset. Add in a little modern flash technology and we got great exposures of this beautiful family.
After the portrait session, the party began. I handled all the photography, allowing the family to enjoy their time together.

If you have an upcoming family event and you would like for someone else to capture memories so you can enjoy the party, let me know. Just use the button below.

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Les Brown


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