Sustainable's Energy's Future By:Kylan rivera

Our energy's future depends on what energy resources government and private companies decide to promote, which will be influenced by political and economically pressure from citizens and consumers.

A conclusion is there will likely be a gradual shift from large, centralized macropower system to smaller decentralized systems, such as wind turbines, household solar cellar, roof top solar heaters, small natural gas turbines, and fuel cells for cars and stationary fuel cells for houses and commercial buildings.

A second conclusion is that a combination of greatly improved energy efficiency and the temporary use of natural gas will be the best way to make the transition to a diverse mix of locally available renewable energy resources over the next several decades.

A third conclusion is because of their still abundant supplies and low artificially prices, fossil fuels will continue to be used in large quantities.

Economics, politics, and education can help us shift to more sustainable energy sources. Governments can use these stratagies, first by keeping the price of selected energy resources artificially low to encourage use of those resources. Second they can keep the prices of energy resources high to discourage their use. Third they can emphasize consumer education.

Solutions to sustainable energy!!!!

Some solutions are we can increase energy efficiency, increase use of renewable energy, and reduce pollution and health risk.

What Can We DO?

Things we can do to help improve sustainable energy is turn off electricity use when not in use, walk, bike, and use mass transit, use passive solar heating, turn thermostats down in winter and up in summer, was laundry in warm or cold water, and superinsulate your house and plug in all air leaks.


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