Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 12th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Once we have finished our in-school Covid testing this week, those students who have taken part will be provided with a set of 7 tests to use at home. The tests include everything that will be needed, as well as instructions. Students should have had 3 tests in school to train them to complete the test accurately.

Students will be asked to:

  • take a test twice a week (for example Monday and Thursday evenings)
  • report every result to NHS Test and Trace on the same day they take the test
  • Inform that school of any positive test result

If anyone tests positive or gets coronavirus symptoms, they should:

The kits provided by school should only be used by BCS students; however, families are able to access their own lateral flow kits for testing at home. Click here to find your nearest home test kit collection point.

Please click here to access instructions for coronavirus (COVID-19) self-testing available in English and 12 other languages.

We expect the kits to be distributed to students on Monday 15th March and the seven tests in the kit should cover testing until the end of this term.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Mental health and wellbeing

You can read guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus (COVID-19) is also available.

The following organisations offer information and support on mental health and wellbeing:

Your local library can also provide access to Reading Well: books on prescription, a collection of carefully curated titles for adults, children and young people to support common mental health conditions, or deal with difficult feelings and experiences. Find your local library to join up and borrow them.

Young people can get free, confidential support at any time from government-backed voluntary and community sector organisations by:

  • texting SHOUT to 85258
  • calling Childline on 0800 1111
  • calling the Mix on 0808 808 4994


*Homework Club*

Homework club is reopening on Monday 15th March.

The club will run from 3-4.30, every weekday. It is open to all students with a maximum capacity of 20.

Please book through Sims Activities

Practical tips to help minimise the risks your child might face online

It’s good practice for apps and websites to have safety advice and well-designed safety features which can make a real difference to how safe your child will be when using them. Work through safety and privacy features on the apps that your child is using, or might use. Make sure they understand the point of these and how to use them.

Don’t be put off by believing your child knows more than you: the tools are actually quite easy to manage.

  • Ask them to show you which social media apps they use and what they like about them. Talk about how they use them and what makes them so engaging
  • Explain how you can use privacy settings to make sure only approved friends can see posts & images
  • Check if any of their apps have ‘geo-location’ enabled, sharing their location unintentionally
  • Show them how to report offensive comments or block people who upset them
  • Check ‘tagging’ settings so that when others are posting or sharing photos online, your child’s identity is not revealed. Also, get people‘s consent before sharing photos
  • Encourage your child to come and talk to you if they see anything that upsets them

Keep talking and stay involved

In a mobile age, children can’t be completely protected, even by the best privacy controls; another child may use different settings. So it’s important to keep talking to your child about the implications of social media. Getting a sense of what they think is a useful place to start; you may be surprised by how much thought they may have given to the issues.

Encourage your child to think carefully about the way they, and others behave online, and how they might deal with difficult situations.

  • People may not always be who they say they are online: how can this create problems?
  • Why is it unwise to meet anyone in the real world that you’ve only ever met online?
  • Even if you think your messages are private, remember that words and images can always be captured and broadcast.
  • People present themselves differently online - do they really look like that? Are they always having that good a time?
  • Be aware that screens, and especially being anonymous, can lead people to say things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
  • What does being a good friend and a likeable person online look like?
  • There can be pressure to be part of a particular group online or to be seen to be following a certain set of ideas
  • How can you take a step back and make your own decisions?

For more information:

You can find out more about how children use social media, the apps they use, the risks they face, how to use privacy settings, and advice and tips about how to talk to your children at:


Cultural Enrichment

Student Examples

Year 7

Cultural Enrichment Art Task by Laiba Akhtar

Year 8

Cultural Enrichment Baking task by Amita Jit

Year 9

Cultural Enrichment Art Task by Bisma Shahzad

Year 10

Cultural Enrichment Book review by Zara Khan

The Fault In Our Stars Review:

This book teaches you how to be romantic like using your partners full name can be very romantic (Hazel Grace how are you?) It also gave a very inspiring romantic scene in which Augustus confesses his love to Hazel he says “Hazel grace I love you.”, She says Augustus he says “I love you I am sorry, but I do I know that all our labour will turn to dust I know no one will remember us one day” And he tells some few universal truths and ends at and I know that I love you.

This was a heart-felt story, and was full of a rollercoaster of emotions.

Overall, a very good book.

Year 11

Cultural Enrichment Influential Cooking task by Aimee Krubally

One of the many family favourites is the meal on the right, consisting of Basa (type of fish) with lemon and herb batter, Mediterranean cous cous and mixed vegetables.

The Basa was cooked on a tray in the oven, the vegetable medley bubbled and boiled away in the saucepan on the stove, and just before they were ready, I poured the cous cous into a medium sized container and poured in hot water from the kettle and left it to ‘cook’.

Family member: mum.

“The texture of the Basa was very moist and the vegetables were cooked but not overdone, as they weren’t mushy, so they still contained their original nutrients and minerals after they had been cooked, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The splash of lemon that was also added to the fish added a little something extra that really made the flavour of the Basa stand out amongst the rest of food on the plate.

The assortment of colours each item brought to the plate also made the meal seem and look more appealing –it didn’t disappoint!”

Sixth Form

Cultural Enrichment Movie review Singing in the rain by Husniya Bukhari

A true masterpiece of narrative.

The plot unfolds at a terrific but digestible pace. There is not a second of unmotivated action; it is an exciting adventure from the off. The main character goes on a long journey of development in his world with excellence in all areas from the supporting cast. Brilliant performances, genre defining class. I love this film, we get a look at the background shenanigans of when talkies came along, all played out through a fantastic musical. This is certainly the best film musical ever made.

Periods/menstruation/the time of the month.

Whatever you call it, it is part of being a woman and something that once you have your first period, will occur on a monthly basis for many years to come. Anyone who has a period, young or old, have to learn to cope with this monthly occurrence. Although periods can be confusing and irritating at first, it is important that we get used to them so that they do not impact our lives in any way. With that in mind, if your period is so bad that you cannot come to school, it is important that you see you GP to discuss getting support. Regular periods should not stop you doing anything. Tampons, pads and menstrual cups are all there to help you live you best life, period or no period. Here at school we have a large supply of different types of sanitary products, just ask any adult if you need some.

If you are off school because of reasons that relate to your period, we will require a GP letter to confirm that there is a medical reason that links to your period. Other than that, if you are off due to period problems, it will be recorded as unauthorised.

Periods should not hold us back. Be proud to get your period!

Staff Sport Enrichment

Please see some examples of Staff Sport Enrichment challenges and achievements, look out for more throughout March and do not forget to set yourself a Sports challenge in March

Ms. Jimmison

“I have set myself a challenge to run at least 3k a day and to tone my arms by the end of March! Please join me at lunch to do arm exercises!”

Mr Docherty

“I am doing Walk all over Cancer this month. 10,000 step a day every day for the whole month, my family are doing it with me to raise money for Cancer research UK.”

Student Sport Enrichment

Can you set yourself a March Sporting Enrichment challenge 2020-21 Yr 11 Cultural Enrichment:

  • 1 mile run/walk everyday
  • 10,000 steps a day
  • 30mins exercise a day
  • Couch to 5K
  • 10K run
  • Walk/run half a marathon

Good Luck!

Mrs Coulson

Well done to book review winner Sumaya Aweys!




This week we launched the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition for all year 8 pupils. Over the next couple of months they will be learning all about careers within the NHS. They will write a job description and create an advertisement (poster, website, video, leaflet, etc) for their chosen career. All entries are due Friday 2nd April. The expert panel of judges will score them on student appeal, creativity, understanding of the NHS, and structure/presentation. The winners will receive Amazon vouchers!

More information here: https://www.stepintothenhs.nhs.uk/

Good luck year 8!


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