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Living up a mountainside in a tiny half-deserted village, near Tseria in the Mani region of Greece, Sarah Don has been collecting different fabrics from designers far and wide and turning them into some amazing, perfectly stitched quilts. I recently travelled out to visit with my children, to photograph the quilts with a plan for a website so we can show them off, as they are really rather amazing.

Sarah has been very passionate about textiles and fine art all her life. Leaving home in Mudeford, Dorset in the late sixties to go to art college. Sarah worked with a master potter at Poole Pottery for a short time before leaving for London and working in a china mend shop in Kensington. Sarah soon started experimenting with quilting and knitting, becoming an expert by perfecting her skills creating Fairisle jumpers. In 1977 she travelled with her 4-year-old daughter up to Shetland to study the patterns and learn from the locals, including how to spin and dye the wool. Sarah shared her knowledge and passion by writing a book full of patterns called 'Fairisle Knitting' it's still in print today although the publishers now have full rights to the book.

That was a long time ago and Sarah went on to perfect the art of Shetland lace, traditional samplers, Embroidered Animals, complete a fine art degree, Printmaking and Etching, bookbinding and quilting!

Photography, drawing and printmaking.

Sarah is an expert in her field, she won't say so herself, so as her daughter I have decided to show the world just how talented and amazing my mum is...

We thought we needed to get the quilts out into the Greek sunshine to show off the colours and knew that we had to include the environment that has been Sarah's inspiration. Trips to the beach with the kids, visits to favourite cafes became location hunting and possible quilt photo opportunities.

We were a bit self-conscious at first. Strangely we didn't attract too much attention. It would seem that the hanging up of fabric items in random spots is not that unusual in the Mani.

Washing hanging in the sun, a jolly sight

Not even when we tried to get a beautiful Greek fishing boat into the action! Can't say it works but I love how you can see the kid's toes poking out of the bottom!

A cafe by the sea in Agios Nikolaos
Naledi & Ella awaiting their hard earned Fanta Blue
Geometric quilt next to black gate, Agios Nikolaos

We found a great black gate for the geometric quilt in Agios Nikolaos along with a bell tower with a tiny spiral staircase.

Just south of Kardamyli is a secret beach tucked into a hairpin bend in the road, the only give away to spot it is a worn area of gravel where you can park and walk down to a stunning cove. A large rock sits in the middle just on the waterline and there are caves on the left side. There is an arch where you can swim through part of the rock, it is sheltered and the water is azure blue, here we photographed the log cabin quilt. It seemed to suit the grey rocks.

My personal favourite is the 'Cupcake Series' although I can't decide which one I like best- both the same is the answer -otherwise my girls will get envious!

The last day of photographing quilts was down on the pebble beach at Kardamyli, we strung a washing line between two tamarisk trees on the beach, the wind was quite strong so I had to turn up the shutter speed for an action shot and just kept shooting to get the shapes on the fabric to show movement and light

We are so pleased with the results, we hope to have the website up and running soon, including a shop where we can hopefully sell some of the quilts, we just haven't got enough beds for them! We set up an Instagram account and my mum is proudly collecting followers. http://instagram.com/elemental_custom_quilts


Coming soon!

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