Planet mars A red planet

this is a rover that go's on mars.

planet Mars has a dry land. Mars also has a rover that shoots out rocks and crashes into space ship and other planets as well.

this is a picture of mars.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Mars has a north and South Pole and ice at its poles.

the north or south pole of mars.

Mars name is called the red planet. Mars is made of solid rocks dirt and iron.

a map showing planet mars.

Mars has really tall canyons and volcanos in the middle of the planet.

this is a mars face.

Mars has really bad weather that is called a giant sand storm.

Mars is really different from the earth.

This planet is so red in the solar system.

Mars is really close to planet earth. Earth go's around the sun slow but Mars go's slower. Mars go's around the sun for 24 hours and 37 minuts to rotate around the Sun.


SLOWER; to move slow

Sand storm; sand waving everywere

Valcanos; that shoot's out lava

Canyons a mountain blowing magma in the air

Rotate; to go to another place and another place in circles


Created with images by skeeze - "mars planet space" • skeeze - "mars rover curiosity vehicle" • chrismeller - "Mars" • Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "Landing on planet Mars (MATTIA RANNALDI)" • ToastyKen - "Mars Landers on Map" • Jun's World - "Martian Face 2" • AGeekMom - "The Planet Mars" • MSVG - "A New Earth/ Hot Alien.. Planet"

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