My Development Kassie Lee

ZYGOTE: from conception to about 2 weeks, I was a zygote. This is a fertilized cell with cells that become increasingly diverse
EMBRYO: From 2 to 8 weeks, I was an embryo. I had eyes, fingers, and toes, but my internal organs were not fully functioning yet.
FETUS: from week 9 until birth, I was a fetus. My heart and brain became fully developed, and my head and chest were bigger than my limbs. At about 40 weeks, my mother gave birth.
NEWBORN: In the first year after birth, I grew a lot and also began walking and talking by maturation. As an infant, I knew reflexes such as Rooting, Palmar, Moro, and Babinski.
TODDLER: At about age 2-3 I became a toddler. At about 3 1/2 years, the earliest stage of conscious memory formed. At 5, I had a sense of self and long-term memory.

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