What is Tunnyl? Your first step into filming big-leagues

A place where you share

Our platform provides a means for skilled creatives to come together to work on projects. Members share their skills and equipment with others to create something new.

Skills like directing

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and finding the right people can be your first roadblock. Use Tunnyl to find your production manager, gaffer, slate, location sound, and cinematographer.

Things like a video camera

From lighting and props to cameras and sound equipment, members share film equipment they've purchased over the years with others.

All in exchange for favors

Grant favors to cut costs

Grant favors to your team by helping them in the future with your directing skills. Their skills for your favors.

Then, fill in any missing skills or things with cash. We display local small businesses willing to offer discounts to Tunnyl projects. It's a win-win-win.

Created By
Yuse Lajiminmuhip

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