Gaming phillip shudrya

Gaming is just one of the ways people earn money. First lets cover what is gaming. gaming is when you play video games and post hen on any social media or go live. Allot of people make money of gaming and how? they get subscribers on youtube and make fame. On youtube, you make an Adsense account wich pays you money for adds but that is a different topic.

Positive impact of Gaming

Some people like Daniel Middletown(DanTDM) make a living of gaming. They make enough money to support their family and they continue gaming to make money. The shooting games that allot of kids have played make kids alot smarter. Kids that game(over 90 %) know what other kids are talking about and don't feel left out. So not only does gaming make you money, but it also gives you friends that play the same video game as you... Many libraries have had a weekly game night to get more people to come.

Negative impact of gaming

Some video games effect kids. They might start getting so into it they start spending lots of time and cash on gaming. allot of kids argue over which game is better. Some of these debates end up in fists and tears. allot of them also disobey their parents when there at it. Allot of this behavior comes the vielence contained in some games. So be care-full when you get into gaming.

My opinion on gaming

For me, Gaming is NOT A CRIME. I would game for a full-time job but i would do it once a week. Why? To much gaming will fry your brain and when i say fry i mean playing 24/7 will cause memory-loss. I heard that one guy played minecraft for months none stop. He forgot how to go to the bathroom so he sat in a adult diaper and continued playing. This example should help us remember to not play 24/7.






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