The Divine Goodlife Play Samantha freedman

The Spatial Experience

As I entered the building, I was not expecting it to feel as much like a real theater as it did. Although we did not have actual, physical tickets, there were still people there directing us to our seat. I was sitting in the third row, which is the closest I have ever sat for any performance. Sitting so close made it seem as if the actors were actually speaking directly to me. The size of the auditorium did not affect me at all because I was so close. If I had sat farther back, it may have felt different because of how far I would have been from the stage. In the Good Life the role of place is important because a place can hold meaning or memories that can create the Good Life.

The Social Experience

My group that I attended the performance with

I attended the performance with a group of friends. To prepare for the performance, we all coordinated which day we were all free to go see the play to ensure that we could go together. Seeing the performance with friends gave us someone to discuss what we thought of the performance. On our walk there, we chatted about what we had already heard about the play from other people. On the way home we talked about what we thought after we had seen the performance. The role of shared experiences is important in the Good Life because it is important to share experiences with others. When people share good experiences with each other, it brings them together under a common experience.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helps you develop a new way of seeing and understanding our own culture because of how different the culture in the play is from the culture we live in. The central issue addressed was very political. It addresses problems with child labor laws, separation of church and state, as well as women’s rights. Before seeing the play, I had learned about these issues in history class. I did not know an extensive amount but I knew enough to understand how the play related to these issues. The performance did not change my views on these issues, but it did make me more aware of them. It gave me insight into how these issues actually played out in people’s everyday lives. In my own life, currently I do not have to face many of these issues because I live in a different time than the play and most of these issues have been resolved throughout history.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives the viewer an opportunity for katharsis because the play allows us to view how bad society was at the time of the play and realize how far we have come since then. The issues addressed are not ones that we should be proud of. By watching the play, the viewer is given the opportunity to really realize how messed up society was then and be thankful that today we do not have the same issues. Some of the issues addressed in the play such as child labor laws and women’s rights are ones that I am especially glad are not issues in today’s world.

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