Avondale Newsletter 6th September 2019

Welcome Back

I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Summer holiday. It has been lovely seeing children back in school this week, looking relaxed, refreshed and most importantly eager to learn.

A very special welcome to our new children and their families. I hope that we will have a long and happy relationship over the next 7 years.

You will remember that each week last year we reported on attendance and we plan to do the same again this year. So, this is a good time to remind you of the importance of prompt and regular attendance. The national average is 96% and we want to be better than this every week. If attendance falls below this it may have an impact on your child’s attainment. If there is a good reason for your child not being in school, please remember to contact the school first thing in the morning – this is incredibly important. The absence line number is 01254 763084.

I know that many of you took the opportunity to come into school last night to meet with your child’s new teacher. I hope you found this useful. If you were not able to come in and you have questions/queries please get in touch.

Dates for the Diary

A few start of term things please …….

Data Collection & Children’s Information – letters have come home today to those parents that have not returned the information we asked for before the Summer. We are legally required to collect this information but more importantly we need to know that we hold accurate details. If we needed to get hold of you during the day because your child was poorly and we couldn’t because you haven’t given us an updated number how would you feel? Please work with us and return the information asap.

Library Books -  We still have over 98 library books outstanding. We will not be issuing any new books to those children who have any outstanding. Please return them as we want to restock our library.

New Uniform -  Please ensure that your child’s name is in every individual item of uniform. You will remember the notes in the newsletter at the end of last year about the volume of lost property. Things may still get misplaced in and around school but if there is a name we can return the item to its owner!

PE – please ensure your child has a PE kit in school. Teachers have been trying to teach PE – yet 13 children in just one class this week had no kit. Also, just a reminder that children only need a plain white t-shirt for PE. Please note that earrings MUST be removed for PE. If your child cannot take out their own earrings you will need to do it before they come to school.

Meal Patterns - If your child is changing lunch options, please let us know as soon as possible so that the School Money system is accurate. For those children who have chosen to have packed lunches – please remember that we are a healthy eating school, so a balanced and healthy lunch please.

Water Bottles - Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school, it’s important that we all keep hydrated.

School Money – All parents should now have access to our online payment system. This now covers both Out of School Clubs – Breakfast and After School, Lunches and Trips. Payment for milk is not on the system yet, but we will get this sorted soon. If you are having difficulties accessing the system, please contact the office who will provide assistance and/or generate a new password if needed. If you have booked sessions for either Breakfast Club and/or After School Club please check them so that you and us know what is being charged for. Thank you.

Coats – with the joys of the British weather, please ensure all children come to school with a coat. We have had quite a few caught out with the showers this week!

Music Service

Earlier this week, children in Juniors received a letter concerning Violin and Guitar lessons from Bolton Music Service. The Music Service have said that they will consider offering additional lessons using other instruments if there is sufficient interest. So, please let us know if your child has a burning ambition to play the flute, the trumpet, the clarinet, the xylophone……………. or any other instrument.


Last term several children had the opportunity to play a brass instrument. Some of these children now have lessons with the Blackburn & Darwen Training Band and are really enjoying it and are progressing really well. If your child received an instrument and no longer wants to play could you please return the cornet or trombone to Mrs Speakman in school. Thank you.

Avondale Adventure

This week we have launched the expectations we have of all our children. During the children’s adventures here at Avondale we will expect all pupils to : be respectful, show resilience, try their best, be kind, make the right choices and promote good learning. As a reward for displaying these values across school children will earn points for their houses. We have renamed our houses after local Darwen parks:

I wonder which house will win this half term?

Stars of the Week

This year stars of the week will be awarded to children who have shown outstanding qualities against one of our school values. As a reward the School Council decided they would like the star of the week to be issued with a special hoodie to wear throughout the following week and also have a special table at Friday lunch.

Thanks for reading