CSEA Never Quit Team Visits Chautauqua County August 7-11, 2017 OUR CSEA NEVER QUIT TEAM IS COMING TO the chautauqua COUNTY area this summer. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU and your c0-workers.

If you are a CSEA union member living or working in Chautauqua County,

your union brothers and sisters want to hear from YOU.

We face a lot of challenges ahead as union members and working people. Challenges that matter to you and your family-- to your livelihood and to your future. Our biggest challenge right now? To make sure we are meeting the needs of our co-workers and members -- so we can speak with one voice, so we can strengthen our families and improve our standard of living. That is why we want to hear from you.

You or a member of your family may be contacted by a fellow CSEA member in a variety of ways:

• You may get a phone call to let you know we're coming to visit you.

• You may find some literature left at your door or workspace.

• You may have one of our teams show up at your home asking for a few minutes of your time.

• You may hear about a small group meeting scheduled at your worksite or a nearby location.

Whatever the outreach, please answer your phone, open your door, or attend your scheduled nearby meeting. It won't take long-- and the conversation is very important.

We promise what you hear will be eye-opening and essential to you and your family. What team members will learn from you may be just as significant.

Education is an essential foundation to building better communities. The CSEA Never Quit Team will be visiting area schools to hear what you have to say about improving your community and your working world.

We are building a better union, a stronger union-- one conversation at a time.

Public safety is a vital essential service to residents of Chautauqua County. What are your concerns at home and in the workplace?

The objective and focus of the Never Quit campaign is to educate members about the latest threats to our work life, to public services and to our family's standard of living.

Meaningful conversations with the right people can be priceless. Will you join our community conversation?

CSEA will Never Quit on the people who depend on us. Be confident in what you do and who you are. There may be tough times ahead for working people, but the difficulties we face will inevitably make us stronger. If we stick together and speak with one voice, there is nothing we can't accomplish together.

Please take time to schedule and attend your Never Quit work site meeting or welcome a fellow CSEA member at your door. We might even hold a meeting at your favorite coffee shop. Every member should have plenty of opportunities to join in on the conversation. Please join us the week of August 7-11, 2017.

If you haven't heard from the CSEA Never Quit Team by August 11, please contact your Chautauqua County Unit or Local president or email us at: neverquit@cseainc.org. We will be happy to organize a meeting or event that is convenient for you and your co-workers. For more information about the CSEA Never Quit initiative, you can visit our Facebook page or CSEA website for details.

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