Flippity and All it Has to Offer A how to for the Flippity Google Sheets add-on.

What is Flippity?

  • Flippity is a Google Sheets add-on.
  • Flippity easily turns Google Sheets into online flash cards, Jeopardy games, MadLibs, and other neat tools.

Accessing Flippity

  • There are two options for how to use Flippity. Either visit their website at flippity.net or add the Google Sheets add-on for Flippity.

How to get the Google Sheets add-on for Flippity?

  • Open a Google Sheet
  • Click on Add-Ons and select Get Add-Ons
  • Search for Flippity
  • Click on the +Free link to get Flippity
Flippity Google Sheets Add-On

How to Use Flippity?

  1. Open a Google Sheet
  2. Click on Add-Ons, Flippity, and select Pick A Template
  3. Pick your desired template- flash cars, bingo cards, crossword puzzle, random name generator, Jeopard game, hangman, etc.
  4. A sample template will be generated in your Google Sheet
  5. Replace the sample information with your desired information
  6. After you have completed your template, click on File, select Publish To Web, and click on Publish.
  7. Click on Add-Ons, Flippity, and select Flippity.net URL
  8. Copy and share that URL
Accessing a Flippity Template
Template for Flippity Flash Cards
Sample Flippity Flash Cards

Ideas for Using Flippity in the Classroom

  • Have students create flash cards or a Jeopardy game to review for a test.
  • Create a crossword to review key vocabulary in a unit.
  • Use the random name generator to aide in randomly calling on students.
  • Use the random name generator to assign students into groups.
  • Create a Bingo card for a fun review game.
Flippity's Templates

Watch the video tutorial below, to learn more about Flippity.

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