Lobsters Created by Kathryn Rodriguez

Lobsters are Decapods of the Crustacean line. They have five sets of legs. Over time, some lobsters have even developed front claws. Generally, any lobster with defined front claws is a cold water lobster, and any lobster with five sets of legs but no front claws is a warm water lobster. All lobsters molt or shed their shell to grow, lobsters either have hard or soft shell seasons. Once they've molted and are growing a new shell, they puff up their own flesh with water to stretch the soft layer to create a new shell with more room. This new flesh provides a different flavor. Soft lobsters are more fragile and harder to ship. There are over 30 diffrent species of clawed lobsters and 45 species of spiny or rock lobsters. The best known lobsters are the American and European lobsters. The 2 main lobsters that we eat,

There are many diffrent ways to eat lobster. The most common way to eat a lobster is by eating the claws, legs, tails, or even the head; But there are even more ways to cook it. You can boil, broil, bake or even grill it. One way to indicate a lobster being properly cooked is if it has a curled tail, meaning that it was alive when it was cooked.

If lobster is eaten dripping with butter it definately isn't a healthy choice, but if you decide to not saturate it in butter you can enjoy lobster in moderation. It is relatively high in cholesterol and sodium and it is a source of mercury, but this food is low in Saturated Fat and is also a good source of Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid and Phosphorus, and it is a very good source of Protein, Zinc, Copper and Selenium. According to the USDA prime, lobster can be graded from A-Canners value. Grade A is given to those with hard shells and they have the most meat. The shells are hard because time has passed since the molting of the old shell. These grade A lobsters fetch the highest price. The next is grade B. These are lobsters that are caught in the summer and their shells are firm or medium-hard. The molting process was not very recent, but the hard shell is still forming. The meat in these lobsters are not as tasty as in grade A but some debate that they are sweeter and better tasting than grade A. Finally the next grade is divided into two industrial grades. The first is grade is Market. This means that these lobsters can be sold at local markets and to local customers. The next grade is called Canners. These are low quality lobsters that are cooked for meat at processing plants.


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