Good Life Performance Charan Kotha

The beginning of my story

The Spatial Experience

I look at my watch and realize there's just five minutes before the performance. Always one to be late, I didn't want to disappoint my friends waiting on me. The mad dash to the Constans Theatre ended with me out of breath and disheveled. As navigated the crowd frantically trying to find my friends, I realized that I needed to slow down and take in the experience. I looked around and saw a beautifully lit lobby and the intriguing sculptures and art. I felt a sense of curiosity as the atmosphere around was so interesting. After finding my friends and making my way into the theater I was surprised at how intimate the theater was. Since we sat just 4 rows from the stage, I felt as if I was really there in Quebec. This feeling of intimacy and oneness was enhanced when the lights went down and the play started. As this was my first play, I was surprised at the set design and the actors really work together to bring the play to life. Whereas movies and tv feel like you are viewing the stories through a window, theatre allows you to actually see the nuances of the actors expressions and atmosphere on stage. From this experience, I realized the crucial role of location in the good life. A good location can save a bad moment or make a good moment amazing. If the play was performed in an lecture hall, I would have definitely not liked it as much.

A friend and I attending the play

The Social Experience

"Which shirt do I choose" I thought to myself as I was getting ready for The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt. Everyone had to told me to dress respectably so I was struggling to find suitable clothing in my wardrobe. Eventually I found a nice shirt and jeans and proceeded to walk out but noticed I only had 5 mins to make it. After a mad dash to Constans Theatre, I met my friends who eyed me with a look of annoyance. These people, my closest friends and company had been waiting for me and we had to make the long line to get in. But the wait was worth it as the play proved to be entertaining and thoughtful. At the end of the play we discussed the the themes of the play and our reactions towards the plot. Discussions such as these enhance the good life because we get to bounce our ideas off one another and hear different views toward the subject.

Next to art

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

As the curtains rose and the play began, I began to absorb the details of the set design and notice the time period that the play was set in. I only knew that this play was setting in the 1900's coming in so my expectations were for flowery language and melodrama. Surprisingly however, the play had little of that and focused on serious issues such as finding the light in oneself and the role of religious authority in life. It constantly challenged my beliefs of religion in the early 20th beliefs and proved to me that injustice and inequality can exist anywhere.

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The Emotional Experience

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