A Fun Day Nevaeh h.

Father Daughter Dance

I had many fun days,but I will never forget the father daughter dance. The first thing I did was eat breakfast.We had eggs,bacon,and toast. Bacon and toast were my favorite! Next,me and my dad got dressed. My dad wore a pink work shirt and a dark black tie and I was wearing a beautiful lacy black and white dress. Then,we said good - bye to everyone and we got in the car and drove to the high school. When we got there it was chilly because the wind was blowing. When we got inside it was nice and warm it was also very noisey. We went to the buffet table and we got cookies, mini cupcakes, sun chips, and a juice pouch. Then, when we were done eating we started to sing and dance. While we were dancing my dad twirled me around. When we were done dancing we went upstairs to take a picture with my dad. The picture turned out great! We had balloons in the background! Finally, when we were done, we came home. When we were done napping we ate cookout for dinner! I got a hamburger! I love their hamburgers! Before bed we watched a special movie to me, Max! That was my favorite day!


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