Art Portfolio Makayla Townsend

Last year when I decided to take Intro to Art, I wanted to learn something new. I have never been good at art and I wanted to learn to know the basics. I was expecting to learn little things. I did not think I would have learned as much as I did.

This example of artwork is from edges and contours.
In this artwork I used the spaces category.
In this artwork I used relationships and proportions.
In this artwork I used lights and shadows.

I personally feel like I have learned a lot of new information this semester. Although my relationships and proportions are not completely perfect, I think that is what I have improved the most in. I have learned the most from this because I now know how to compare objects to each other and measure them.

Shading hand
Still Life

In these two examples I have learned how to shade objects making them look more realistic. On my hand drawing I did not have much skill. My shadows do not blend and I do not have very many of them. For my still life project I have more shadows and figured out how to blend them. I definitely have improved in learning on how to shade objects.


I would say that my nose has the most chiaroscuro in this peice of artwork. I wish I would've done a better job at it but I can still tell that there is still some in the artwork. Chiaroscuro is the technique of using lights and darks in an artwork.

First Few Days of Art
Later in the Semester
Toward the End of the Semester

As you can see, there has been some major differences from day one to now. I am not where I want to be but I have definitely imporved on my ability to draw self portraits. On day one I had no art experience and now I have a few months of it. I now know how to use proportions and shading techniques. I am hoping to improve more but I am happy with how far I have come so far.

What I Wish I Could Redo

I personally wish that I could redo this art project. I am disappointed that I could not show positive space. If I were able to fix it or redo it , I would completely start over. I think I could've done a much better job on it.

Throughout this sememster i think i have improved a lot. I Hope that i improve a lot more next sEMester but i Am proud of what i have dOne. I think i have most improved on color use and knowledge. I think this because i ReAlly like my artwork that i Did with painting. Also, i think i habe Improved on my attitude towards art. At the beginning of the semEster i did not think i would be abLe to do as much as i can. Although evertHing is not The best it Could be i am proud of my aRtWork.

Second Semester Portfolio

I personally think I learned the most this semester when I made the trivet. Although I am not entirely happy with the outcome I still think I learned the most. I've learned a lot about making things out of clay. Also, I thought I learned a lot about painting when doing this project.

Trivet Project

Through this semester I really enjoyed working with Color theory. I learend how some colors can blend together and make really beautiful colors, wehreas others can make really ugly colors.

Color Theory Part 1

Color Theory Part 2

I feel I was best able to master Watercolor. Althouhg it is not perfect I still think it is the project I did between chalk Pastel, tempera, oil pastel, and watercoler.I think i did this technique the best because the colors are pleasing to the eye.


I do not think i was able to master using tempera. I wasn't able to Master this because my gradations are not very goodd. Also, when painting the paint slipped and it looks bad. Lastly because i did not choose good color combinations.


In one way I improved this semester was with my creativity skills. In the pictures below you will see a black and white photo from semester 1 and a glass coaster from semester 2.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Another way I have improved this semester was with attitude. At the beginning of sophomore year there was no way I thought I could be an artist. Now at the end of second semester I am more confident in my artistic skills.

Semester 1

Semester 2

I discovered that I am capable of doing artistic things. Before the year started I was very nervous about taking art, but now I feel like I have learned the most from art class than any other class I took this year. I am glad I took this class and was able to learn so many new things.

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