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Dominique Morgan reveals his truth and journey through his elegant and provocative lyrical syntax, onstage presence and performance.

Helping people heals me -- Dominique Morgan

Dominique Morgan - R&B Soul Artist

Resides in the midwest where he was born and raised. As a young adult Dominique Morgan spent 18 months placed in solitary confinement at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. From this tiny, isolated, dehumanizing space he began to write songs as a survival tactic to save his mind and spirit. From this experience has grown a truly robust career in social justice advocacy and a music practice that serves as testimony to the power of emotional connection.

Dominique explains that his work “looks at those of us who can be labeled as bad, unworthy and unredeemable.” Placed within the limited footprint of a confinement cell recreated in the gallery, the artist shares songs that he’s never performed before, composed on the back of inmate request forms--“kites”. Dominique offers his own story to reveal the reality and humanity of the nearly 100,000 individuals currently in solitary confinement in this country, and how vital the arts are as a refuge and means of connectedness for all populations.

Most recently Morgan is a recipient of NAACP Freedom Fighters Award, speaking at UNO TedTalk 2019, writing a book and launching a new EP. Morgan has founded multiple organizations including: Queer People of Color Nebraska and Heartland Youth Pride. Dominique is the National Director for Black & Pink and sits on the board for, Heartland Family Services, Family & Friends of Incarcerated People, Benson Theater Board and Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards.

When my music has the ability to change just one person's mood, perception or pain, then I am doing my job. - Dominique Morgan
Dominique is in a comfortable place fronting a band, and he makes it a show. He works the audience, engages and makes people who didn't know him-know what he's about. -- MarQ Manner

Sharing his story in hopes of helping others

Driven by using his voice as a tool- using his ability to write and use empathy- telling the stories of his community.

As a human and musician, Dominique is a treasure for the Nebraska music community,” -- Andrew Norman, Executive Director of Rabble Mill.
One of the best things you can do for somebody is to show them the power in their story,” - Morgan in OUT FRONT Magazine -- Article by Kate Dooley


As a speaker - He is inspired to be able to see the power in my experience and use my voice to engage in speaking his truth to people across the country.

As a designer - He is inspired by wearable art. He is able to amplify a message that is universal. "We all have a hurdle that we’ve had to overcome in our lives that has forced us to make a choice. Realizing that everything that was build to destroy us can be repurposed is so empowering."

For the hurt soul. For the lonely ones. This album from Dominique Morgan will make you dance, cry and sing your way back to love.

I am inspired by how music can affect a person- their mood, their perception, their pain. When my music has changed just one person then I am doing my job. -- Dominique Morgan
Seeing Dominque perform makes you fall even more in love with him. He captivates his audience as a talented vocalist and songwriter but really steals the stage with his storytelling and wit tieing the entire set together with what feels like your favorite hangout and dish session with your best friend. -- Paige Reitz Deputy Director / The Union for Contemporary Art


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