Changing the now Invent the you your legacy will hold on to

From the first breath we breathe to the last breath of our journey, there is only one thing that will remain the same through our entire journey of life; our name.
One day you're here, and then one day you are not.
The name you will have created for yourself lays in your hands, just as an artist's blank canvase will soon be his masterpiece.
Peering out at the ocean, we are content by the way the ocean line gently kisses the horizon and uncease into the distance.
At dusk, we are mesmerized by the diverging sun as it falls peacefully into the depths of the night, but not unnoticed.
Just as a painter can never recreate the reality of a sunset, you may never know the beauty of life until you've seen it for yourself.
Just as no two fingerprints will ever be the same, no one will ever be able to touch the world in the way that your hand was able to.
Be the sunset the world aspires to see, not the painting the artist depicts you to be
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Dani Dunn

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