It is early morning in the temperate forest. The sun is rising over the temperate forest glistening over the lake. Fish are jumping in the river and mice are scurrying for berries in the forest. The berry bushes start to rumble. An animal is running from side to side behind the bush trying to hide. Poking claws begin to move through the bush. Black ears move in and the animals run to hide from this big creature.

Through the bushes jumps the huge black bear. It jumps into the river and splashes like a walrus. The bear puts his teeth into the river and snatches up two fish. Successful the bear comes out of the water standing confident as ever.

Table of Contents

  • Biome Overview
  • Plant and Animal Adaptations
  • Human Impact


The temperate forest is located in the USA (mostly) but is also in Europe, Romania ,and Russia. This biome has lots of trees, some lakes, big and small rocks, and more. It rains a lot (in spring and summer) and in winter it snows (almost) all the time and (almost ) always has snow on the ground. Some of the plants in the temperate forest are the trees, trillium flowers, purple violets, bushes, and some more. In the temperate forest there are many animals. Some are owls, toads, coyote, and whitetail deer. An interesting fact about the temperate forest is that this forest has 4 distinct seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. In conclusion the temperate forest has nice features from where it is to its seasons (all different seasons).

A rainy day
Spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The river sun set.

Rain on the leaves.

The great fall leaves.



In the temperate forest the animals and plants have different adaptions to survive. For instance the wolves have thick fur to stay warm in the winter. The chickadee migrates to warm places in the winter away from the cold. Trees shed their leaves to stay safe in the winter time. Trees also shed leaves to save energy and water. In conclusion, the animals and plants of the temperate forest have very nice adaptations to stay alive in the winter.


Humans do a lot to the temperate forest. Some things are good and some are bad. They both effect the temperate forest. One way humans hurt the biome is by logging. Cutting down trees will kill plants. Humans also create acid rain made by cars and factories which is polluting the temperate forest biome. A way humans help the forest is by planting 5 or 6 trees when other trees are cut down to help the land. Another way is by partial harvesting. This lets humans build houses and make a stronger forest at the same time. In conclusion the humans have a big job. With no help and no humans the temperate forest would fall apart.

Acid rain from factories.
Car makes acid rain.



Fall tree

Falling forest



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