Jack Woodford - diary cover design for amnesty international Journal entry 1


CHARITY: This design is for Amnesty International, which is a worldwide human rights organisation that aims to prevent the violation of peoples rights and to bring justice to those who's rights have been breached in the past. Their services span a vast array of issues such as LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, refugee rights, fighting the death penalty and discrimination of all kinds. Their website claims "When human rights are denied, we won’t be silent. We’ll continue to campaign relentlessly – both at home and globally – to give a voice to those who’ve had theirs taken away." (Quote cited in references below). The organisation was founded by lawyer Peter Benenson in 1961.

AUDIENCE: Amnesty International's audience is very diverse as many different people show enthusiast for the rights and social justice they are fighting for. Their primary audience are individuals of progressive left-wing views, and most likely younger people who fall into the 18-25 age group. Their audience may also consist of activists and dedicated rights advocates of varying ages. The diary will be targeted at students and corporate office workers as these people will likely make use of a diary the most.

Promotional content from past protests. See references below for image credit.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this diary cover design is to create publicity for the organisation and capture people's attention to the cause. The design should effectively promote their political stance through the use of clever imagery and contrasting colours. The promotional content below highlights how effective their flyers are due to their use of innovative ideas and colour schemes

Images cited by numbers in the references below

CONTEXT: This design will be used in educational and work contexts such as classrooms, universities, offices and domestic workspaces. The design may also be viewed at the charities' promotional events and fundraisers. In addition, the diary could be used for personal pursuits outside of the context of an educational environment. To complement these contexts, the cover design shouldn't contain anything too graphic or confronting.

CONSTRAINTS: Possible restrictions for this design include: size/printing restrictions - make sure it fits size of the physical diary, cultural awareness (be careful not to use certain colours in case it is considered offensive), no discriminatory or offensive content, the look should be not too devious from past stylistic choices of organization and all work must be intellectual property.



PRODUCTS: This product will be competing with a few rival charities such as Oxfam, Parkinsons UK and Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. They all consist of a very basic colour scheme and make minimal to moderate use of text.

Images cited in the references below


Initial ideas for diary cover - Ranging from a flat 2D pproach to creating 3D environments


Images cited by numbers in the references below


These images are going to inspire my project because of the flow of them as well as the clinical and legible nature of them. Images Cited in the references below

References (In order)

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