Monsanto Abby, Angela, Chrissy, Emily, Margaux

Who we are

Founded in 1901 Monsanto is an agricultural company that distributes seeds to different farms to help them grow crops

We make a variety of products to fit every farmers needs

What kinds of do products we make?

They make and distribute corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum and sugar cane seeds. We also make herbicides and weedkillers to help your crops grow.

We make food that is safe to eat but also immune to the pesticides we make

What happens when a farmer ends up with BT corn in their field through cross-pollination instead of purchasing?

We will collect money the farmer for taking our product without paying for it

We will settle for an amount of money that makes both of us happy

How much money have we made off of our safe GMO products?

As of 2015 we made ~6.29 billion dollars.

Both the farmer and us are making money by selling good quality products

What kinds of testing do we use

We always submit our products to the FDA for them to approve and are always make sure our products are safe to consume

Our products are always tested for safety

Monsanto, helping your crops reach greater heights


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