The Volleyball Matrix Print meets Digital

Fascination Volleyball - 108 volleyball techniques from world class players in compact A4 landscape ring binder format. For technical training, coach training, as a technical overview or reference book. Or simply to marvel at. Soon all techniques in women's volleyball will also be available.

The perfect combination of high-quality printed matter and digital content. As a printed version (A4 landscape format ring binder) it can be used anywhere and without power supply. On the computer/Mac or on a mobile device, you also have access to the player matrix and all video sequences of each individual volleyball technique.

You want all media in the design of your volleyball association. We have all possibilities to adapt this individually to your needs!

prices and options

Below you will find all options for using the Volleyball Matrix for your business.

  • User | Print Version | ~ incl. 1 year video access | ~ incl. 2 years video access
  • 1 | 19,95 Euro | 39,95 Euro | 49,95 Euro
  • 2 | 37,90 Euro | 77,90 Euro | 97,90 Euro
  • 3 | 53,85 Euro | 113,85 Euro | 143,85 Euro
  • 4 | 67,80 Euro | 147,80 Euro | 187,80 Euro
  • 5 | 79,75 Euro | 179,85 Euro | 229,75 Euro

If you are interested in a multi-user license, implementation into your website, graphic adaptations or other media executions, you will receive an individual offer. All Prices are gross prices (inkl. german VAT, 19%).

  • Overall plan: Helgi Thorsteinsson, Dr. Berthold Fröhner, Peter Murphy, Hans Gruner
  • Video recordings, sequences of images and photo features: Dr. Berthold Fröhner
  • Comments: Abe Meininger, Dr. Lorne Sawula, Peter Murphy
  • Project coordination and controling: Peter Murphy, Dr. Berthold Fröhner

realisation and distribution: evoletics sport publishing - a product of science on field GmbH www.evoletics.de | shop.evoletics.de | info@evoletics.de | +49 341 96283541