Dots Flowers in Polymer Clay

What you need is your chosen clay colours (here I used Fimo Soft Peppermint, Pacific Blue, White), a blade, a pasta machine, a ball tool and a bbq pick (For the darker flowers, I used Fimo Soft Brilliant blue, black and white)
Roll your colours on the thickest setting of your pasta machine
Fold into 2
Roll on thickest setting
I used the lazy version of skinner blend ;)
fold into 3 and roll
Here's my blend
Fold into 3 again
and roll into the pasta machine until the thinner setting
roll a little but don't reduce
Prepare snakes of your chosen colour; here I used white, but you can use any colour you like; even bulls eyes or little logs of colour covered with black for example. Make them about the same width as your bbq pick
with the bbq pick, make holes
and fill with your snakes
prepare a sheet on the thinner setting of your pm
and cover your cane
reduce it; it doesn't matter if you have scrap! We'll use that later!
Pinch into a petal shape
and cut 5 petals for 1 flower
put one petal onto another one
and again
now to form the flower nicely, we want to put the petal on the right onto the left one
like this
press the center with your ball tool
here I press a little the flower to flatten it a little
Here it is
your flowers can look very different depending on which side you use
see: here I hide the white
here I do the opposite
to different flowers with the same cane
Oven time!
roll your scrap
cut it
flatten it
put your toothpick on the back of your flower and press your piece of scrap; remove your toothpick and make sure there's enough space to put your chosen cord
oven time version II
And a nice necklace! Hope this tutorial helps!
Created By
Frédérique Pittet

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