Fort Menendez By: LUCY

While in St. Augustine I went to Fort Menendez. It was really nice . My 3 favorite parts were the Spanish,Native American and the Pioneer School House exhibits. The Fort Menendez was my favorite part of St. Augustine. It was awesome.

In the Spanish exhibit it was really fun because we got to act out the story our guide was telling us. He was telling us the story of when the Spanish explorers discovered St. Augustine. It was really neat. We got to make candles which was cool. We also got to play the games that the Spanish played back then and what they had to do. I found out that some of the games that the Spanish played we still play today.

I had lots of fun in the pioneer school house. We got to see what it would have been like going to school in those days. We learned that if a boy was bad he would have to wear a dress all day in front of the girls and if a girl was bad she would have to rap her hair around a hook and put it in the wall and she would have to stand on her tippy toes all day long. We also got to write with a feather and dip it in ink. It was so cool. We also got to play more games and pretend to lasso a cow, we got to plant corn seeds and wash clothes the way you would've had to back then … by hand.

The Native American exhibit was fun too. There we got to see a dugout and play games. We also got face painting using the colors red for blood and blue for water. We saw what the Native American hut looked like and even went inside. It had lots of alligator paintings and other of their body parts.The hut was dark and inside there were some shells, benches, and a throne-like chair. The guide told us the chair was for the chief.

I had a great time writing and sharing about the Fort Menendez. I loved going to St. Augustine and learning about its history. It was so much fun. I am so glad I had the wonderful experience to visit St. Augustine on a field trip .It was an amazing experience and I am so blessed that I got to go to this early Spanish settlement.

My trip to St. Augustine

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