Brief: Theatre Production Advertising DX33 35 DIGITAL IMAGING PROJECT LO 1 / H381 35 Creative Project for Artists and Designers LO 1-3

Coming to a theatre near you are (hopefully award winning) productions, performed by staff and students from the City of Glasgow College.

The marketing department are preparing a promotional campaign that will include a range of advertising posters and a conceptual animation that will be used on screens across the college campuses. The posters will be published on paper.

The animation will work predominantly on TV screens, but also as an online advert. With a theme of contemporary Scottish drama, the marketing department are looking for creative solutions which will capture the attention of the relevant demographic. They want to give the theatregoer or 'consumer' the essence of a production.


Submission requirements:

  • Design 2 different A3 posters for the launch of the play (300 ppi CMYK tif)
  • Animate a 20 second trailer (1920pixels x 1080 pixels pal), [Onelan 1360 x 769pixels]
  • Sketchbook showing analysis of brief and all development work - this can be either in hardcopy or digital pdf form.

The artwork for the posters must be created using bitmap graphic software. you can include vector generated artwork but the posters must be created in photoshop.

Design development requirements [sketchbook]

  • Written analysis of the project brief
  • Planned schedule of work
  • Researched reference material.
  • Moodboard/s
  • Development work to be annotated.

Poster designs

You are required to fully explore at least four concepts for your poster designs, these should be developed to digital rough stage.

Choose two concepts to be taken through to finished artwork. take screenshots showing the development of your concepts as you work through the design process.

Each poster must contain at least 5 different graphic elements and at least 5 different advance editing features should be incorporated into your designs. These include the use of :

  • Layers (proper naming convention used)
  • Layer effects
  • Opacity changes
  • Special effect filters
  • Masks
  • Alpha Channels
  • Colour correction

Animated trailer

The animation must be a minimum of 20 seconds long and must include:

  • Storyboards
  • Selection and organisation of material
  • Compositing techniques
  • Editing techniques
  • Audio manipulation

Take screenshots showing the development of your composition as you work through the design process. Explore the use of colour and typography. All images should be copyright free (or permissions available), your own images are preferred, if possible.

Presentation PDF requirements:

All development work for the project should be presented as a single PDF or sketchbook and should contain, in the following order (with your name included in the filename):

  • Title page to include: Name, Course, Class Group, Date
  • Analysis of the project brief
  • Planned schedule of work
  • Annotated research
  • Collated resources (including copyright information)
  • Development work - initial roughs, sketches, moodboards, layouts, storyboards. development of 4 poster concepts to digital rough stage. incorporate colour and typography as well as any discarded ideas
  • Development work contd. - screenshots of development stages, showing layer names, guides, opacity changes, layer effects, masks and alpha channels. Include evaluation of designs, describing features used, references.
  • Colour visuals of finished designs

Poster submission requirements:

All digital files should be uploaded as a single zipped folder (your name included in the filename):

  • Folder 1. Single pdf with content as mentioned above.
  • Folder 2. All resources - original images, Four composite digital roughs - (include all layers). Final 2 composite poster images (300 ppi CMYK tif).

Animation submission requirements: Deadline: Wed 21 Dec.

All digital files should be uploaded as a single zipped folder (your name included in the filename):

  • Folder 1. Final video files (include AE file and assets)
  • Folder 2. Final rendered animated mp4. (1920pixels x 1080 pixels pal).
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