Violence On Police Officers Many police officers are being targeting at and killed.

Zeynab Abdalla


  • Civilians: A person not in the armed services or the police force.
  • Demonized: Evil and threatening.
  • Implications: The action of being involved in something.
  • Issue: A problem that is for discussion.
  • Methodology~ Using a system to study a specific area or activity.
  • Racial: Going back to a race.
  • Risk: Situations that can cause danger.
  • Victim: Someone who's harmed or may be killed/injured from an accident, crime or any other event.
  • Violence: Causing Harm.

Is the rate of officers being killed, on the line of duty really increasing?

Death rates for police officers have been going up in the last few years and instead of civilians being victims, it is the officers who are . According to Mark Berman and Kevin Uhrmacher from The Washington Post, “With days remaining in 2016, the number of officers killed in ambush attacks this year is more than double the average from the previous decade.” Violence on police officers has been gradually increasing in 2016, unlike in past years. The Washington Post has also stated that, “In most fatal shootings, officers say they were confronted by people with guns, and in about half of those cases, these people fired at the officers.” Many people who say the reason why suspects are firing back at police officers is because there is unfair treatment towards African Americans from officers themselves. Police officers tend to be let off with a warning, get no punishment, or might even be rewarded for it. That is why many people have negative feelings towards the police force. Others would say it would be payback for the way officers unfairly killed other victims, and they want to take revenge for how African Americans were being treated. The community started to realize that it was unfair treatment towards the African Americans which lead to them starting the Black Lives Movement.

Is the Black Lives Matter movement the reason officers are being targeted?

Many people protest and state that black lives matter due to all the SHOOTING OFFICERS CAUSED.

Police officers getting shot and killed has increased by many numbers in the past few years and many say the cause for police officers getting killed is due to the Black Lives Matter protest in fact, Jim Hoft from thegatewaypundit stated that ,”At least 11 police officers have been shot dead and several shot and injured by Black Lives Matter activists since the movement began in August 2014.” Even though many of the Black Lives Movement is usually peaceful many of them can tend to also lead to violence on police for example, “The march took place right as news began to emerge that a man inspired by ‘Black Lives Matter’ rhetoric had murdered five police officers in Dallas.” this evidence was also stated by Jim Hom. In conclusion, Police Officers doing their jobs have been getting killed and shot at and many of that is due to the black lives matter movement and many of the citizens think police officers are demonized to the community. Many people have stated that black officers are doing more damage than any other people , but the reason for that is because black officers are shooting their own kind.

Are black officers being shot because they are shooting their own kind rather than any other officers shooting black people?

Officers are shooting their own kind which is one of the reasons why police officers are becoming a target.

African American officers are more likely to get shot by their own kind rather than any other race due to black officers shooting African American people which is a big issue right now. According to Awr Hawkins from Breitbart “Black officers are significantly more likely than white officers to shoot a black suspect.” this evidence is proving that black officers are killing their own kind which leads to innocent cops getting killed and injured.Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani from Chicago Tribune has stated that “There’s too much violence in the black community,” Many African American officers get shot by their own type of people in their community which leads to officers also shooting African Americans. Black officers are killing black suspects and black people are killing black officers. David Sherfinsk from Washington Times states “Among a sample of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, the study found that the odds of a black suspect being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than the odds of a black suspect getting killed by a white officer.” So many black on black crimes are going on which leads to many innocent officers getting shot for trying to do their work and help the community. In conclusion, black officers get shot by their own people which lead to other black civilians to die many people think white officers are the only ones killing black, but there's more black on black crime rather than any other race. Police officers getting shot and killed is increasing, but the Police officers aren't they only victims , innocent citizens are also being targeted.

Are officers also involved with the killing?

Police officers are victims , but so are innocent people.

Police officers have been getting killed these past years more than any other years, but officers are also doing the killing many of the innocent people that were killed were unarmed for example, According to, Deray Mckesson from Mapping Police Violence , "37% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.S. population." Police officers don't just target black people or people of color, police officers have also killed many innocent people. Celisa Calacal from Think Process has stated that “The year isn’t over yet, and police have already killed at least 1.023 people— many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color.” To sum it all up, officers are victims of being killed for no reason , but also many innocent people have been killed by police officers. So what is something us as a community can do to try and help stop all the violence?

How can we as a community help stop the war between civilians and cop?

Can all the hate stop?

Many argue that they don’t like how cops or civilians are being treated around the world and need to come up with a solution to stop the war going on. What we as a whole can do is not show hate on the cops or the citizens , but come together as one instead of holding grudges and falling apart for each other. In fact, Van Jones from New York Times stated “If you cried for the police officers, but you have a hard time taking serious all these videos coming out with African Americans dying, it’s time to do a heart check, because we’re either going to come together or come apart now.” When it comes to cops pulling a trigger or a civilian pulling a trigger many are quick to assume that “race” was the cause of the action so if cops would show leaderships around the community and demand cultural change the war on cops may come to an end because more civilians would show love to cops instead of hate. According to The Editorial Board from The Opinion Pages, “Killings happening in cities, suburbs and rural communities, there needs to be leadership in every police department in the country that insists on cultural and attitudinal change.”


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