Final Reflection

Throughout the semester I have been writing journey logs each week to reflect. The four most important habits of mind are creativity, openness, curiosity and persistence. I chose these four because they are the most important to me throughout my english class. I think these four have helped me overcome the obstacles this class has put me through. Each one of these work together somehow for me to rethink about how I have done throughout the class. I have done a lot of work and done things I haven't before. These four habits of mind are what I have had to talk about or do in my class to receive the grades I have.

The first habit of mind I want to discuss is persistence. Persistence is what I have had to do all along. I have to admit, in the beginning I was very hesitant about the way this class was constructed but it turned out pretty good. I do think I prevailed and did my absolute best throughout the semester and all the projects and assignments I have done. I was persistent and made sure I did what I needed to do for the class, even though there was a lot of work, I didn't stop believing in myself. I know I didn't do as well as I hoped on each of the assignments but I pushed through and did the work. My persistence did help me continue in this class even though I thought it was unconventional and was very different compared to my other classes but I knew I had to do it in order to get a passing grade. I had a hard time especially with the paper assignment but I continued to do my best and got it done. I thought I would do better but I did have a hard time writing it and knowing how to go about it. My overall persistence did help me finish the course and do as best as I did because I didn't give up or complain to where nothing had been accomplished.

The next habit of mind is openness. I believe I was open to learning a new way even though I was reluctant at first. When I first came to class and heard all the things I would have to do and how the class was set up, I was pretty shocked and scared. I decided to open up my mind and listen to how this different way would help me. I do think it overall didn't change the way I learned but it did help me open up to other possibilities of learning. I think my openness did help me complete the course because I didn't shut down completely and not do what was asked or did the bare minimum. I did the journey logs, the raids, and the reading assignments. I stayed open to learning new thing in each lecture and each assignment that wouldn't be anything like I've heard or done before. In each of my journey logs I did speak for the heart and what I felt about each week. I have never done reflections for a class before but doing so I think helped me rethink about everything I had done for the class that week and helped my writing. I didn't think the journey logs were fun or interesting especially after doing them for 3 or 4 weeks but it let me speak from my mind and talk more about what I learned.

Creativity was definitely a hard one to overcome in this class. Although I seem to be creative in coming up with ideas but its hard for me to actually do it. Minecraft has been the hardest for me to be creative in because I am not good at building things staring at a computer screen. For each of the assignments I had to use some sort of creativity. Including the last raid for the rhetorical analysis. I had a hard time writing the analysis because I hadn't seen the show Game of Thrones or know who Ramsay Bolton is to capture the real goal of the sanctuary. I did use a lot of creativity throughout my journey logs. Each journey log I had to use a classification. Once I changed to the bard classification I had an easier time. I made a lot of collages which doesn't seem to be as creative but I thought really hard about what to incorporate to justify my journey log. The hardest classification was the ranger because I don't like to do research and that all I had to do for my journey logs. I used my creativity more for the technical manual because I had to think of some ways to make it look nice and what it should look like to capture the way a manual should look. 

I also used curiosity. Curiosity is what kept me going throughout the class. I was curious of how well I would do considering the set up of the class. I wanted to see how far I could push myself into changing the way I learn or think. For the last raid I decided to be the guild leader. I wanted to be the guild leader because I was curious how well I could managing a large group and if I am capable of doing it. I had a little bit of a hard time managing but I got through it and finished on time. Now I am curious to how well the manual turns out. Overall, the raid did come out pretty well and everyone has been working great together and I have managed to keep everyone on track and on time. Curiosity is what runs me through life. If it wasn't for my curiosity I wouldn't be here at Clemson. I always push my way through my classes by being curious about the material I am learning and how well I can do.

Throughout all my journey logs I was optimistic about the class other than using minecraft. I have kept my optimism throughout all my journey logs and reflected well on each of the topics we went over in class. My reflections were all similar in the way I perceived the class and each of the assignments. I would talk about each assignment I had done or I was working on positively. I didn't doubt myself on the assignments or the work I was doing. I kept up with the openness of the class and myself to push through and finish the course.

In all of my journey logs I talked about Minecraft. I was reluctant to it at the beginning and as of now I still hate it. It is the worst thing I have had to do in all of my classes. I have had the hardest time working with minecraft and I never would want to do the projects because of it. I hated how much time it would take me to finish the build and having to put so much work into it. I am happy to say that I am done with it and I will never have to use it again.

After all of the assignments, projects, and lectures I can say that I think the class has helped me with my creativity because I have never used that much creativity in any of my other classes. I was able to think of new things for my assignments and do new things with minecraft that I haven't done before. I used creativity to do each of my journey logs and that helped me change the way I think and write. I am not sure if I have changed the way I write but I know I worked very hard on my writing skills. I know I still have a lot of work but I think I did pretty well.


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