Hatchet By: keira miscinski

Exposition: Brian, the main character who is 13, is riding in a single engine plane from New York to the Canadian Wilderness, where his dad lives. The pilot shows Brian how to fly the plane a little. Then, the pilot says his chest is starting to hurt. All of the sudden, the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian is all alone in the plane, and he thinks, he is flying into his death. The plane ends up crashing into a L shaped lake and Brian barely escapes the plane. Brian survives but has nothing but his hatchet. He falls asleep, barely even out of the lake.
Rising Action: Brian woke up and realized that he was in the middle of nowhere. His whole body felt like it was in a million pieces. After a while, he realized he needed to build himself a shelter, so he starts dragging sticks up from the lake and pulls long, dead branches from the hill. He wove them together to make himself some walls to go around the stone overhang ledge he had found.
Rising Action 2: Brian just found turtle eggs not long ago, and is keeping them in his shelter. He hears something in his shelter and pulls out his hatchet. All of the sudden, he hears slithering near him and throws the hatchet where he thought he had heard the noise. Something that had felt like needles went into his leg. The shadow had left. It was a porcupine, and it was there to take his eggs. Plus, it's quills were in his leg.
Rising Action 3: Brian is tired of eating berries and wants something else to eat. He made a fish spear out of wood.... It didn't work. He had spent hours on it, and it didn't even work. He decided he would try and make a bow instead. He thought the bow didn't work until he remembered his science class. He remembered that water bends light. This meant he had to aim just underneath the fish. Then he got it. He had caught a fish, and many more to come.
Rising Action 4: Brian had just gotten his first meat. A fool-bird as Brian called it. As he was at the L shaped lake, washing the bird and blood, he thought he smelt or heard something behind him. He turned around to see a moose standing behind him. He soon realized that it was a cow, female moose. She took Brian in the left side of his back with her forehead and threw him into the lake and came after Brian to finish what was started. She drove him into the lake and into the mud at the bottom of it. Mud filled his eyes, and ears. Suddenly it was over, and Brian felt as if he was alone. He came to the surface breathing, but panicking. He saw the cow standing sideways to him, eating lily-pads. Brian started to move, but then the hair on the cow's back stood up and she trampled him again.
Rising Action 5: Brian had just fallen asleep, when a noise awakened him. It was a low sound that came from wind. Then he realized it sounded like a train. That was it. It was a tornado. It was too late now. The tornado tore at him, his shelter. His tools, his food, everything, gone. The tornado passed, but left nothing. Brian could now see the tail of the plane, sticking out of the lake.
Climax: Brian finally gets enough courage to go out to the tail of the plane to get the survival kit. He builds a raft to get there. Then, when he wakes up he goes to the tail of the plane.
Falling Action: After dropping his hatchet into the lake, where it sunk to the bottom, Brian finally gets into the tail of the plane. He swims to the bottom of the plane and feels the kit with his feet, but it's stuck on something. He goes up for another breath and tries again. This time he sees the pilot, still strapped in, but it wasn't the pilot anymore. Just the skull. He noticed that the fish had to eat, and this is what they ate. Brian screams while scraping at the kit to get it. It comes lose and he grabs it and swims as fast as he can to the top, almost out of breath. He gasps for air and sits there in shock. Then he climbs out and swims back to shore, pushing the raft with the survival kit on it next to him.
Falling Action 2: Brian opens the survival kit. He finds food, a rifle, drinks, pots, and a sleeping bag. He goes to the lake with the pots and fills them with water. Brian feels weird using these considering he hasn't used them in a long time. He starts cooking a feast for himself.
Falling Action 3: Brian sees the emergency transmitter and flips the switch a bunch. He thinks it doesn't work and puts it to the side. Brian keeps cooking when he hears something outside his shelter. He goes outside to see a plane landing in the lake.
Resolution: The pilot of the plane is shocked to see Brian. The pilot tells Brian they stopped looking for him months ago. Brian says to the pilot " My name is Brian Robeson. Would you like any food?"

In conclusion, Hatchet is a very broad book, by Gary Paulsen. Thank you for reading.

Created By
Keira Miscinski


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