Cells By Bj donaghy

The Mitochondria

The Mitochondria is the power house of the cell, using cellular respiration it produces energy or ATP. The mitochondria acts like a generator powering the whole cell with energy. Without the mitochondria the body would not be able to work. There can be multiple mitochondrion in one cell.

Diagram Of The MItochondria
Cellular Respiration Diagram

The Nucleus

The Nucleus controls all of the cells activity, acting like the "boss" of the cell. It contains the nucleolus and some chromatin. There is only one nucleus per cell.

Diagram Of The Nucleus


Cytoplasm is a jelly like material in the cell. It is used for transporting any types of material and to dissolve solutes.

Diagram Of Plasma Membrane

Rough ER

Rough ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum) has only one job, to transport ribosomes.

Rough ER Diagram

Smooth ER

Smooth ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum) Has Only One job, to make fats and to break sown toxins.


Ribosomes builds/makes protein. They act like the workers of a factory producing all the goods to be shipped away.

Diagram OF Ribosomes

Golgi Body

The Golgi body finishes off the ribosomes job. If the Ribosome builds Portien, The Golgi body reassembles it into Protein. The golgi body acts like a packager/labeller, finishing off the job.

Golgi Body Diagram


The lysosome defends your body. It breaks down fat and kills pathogens. Lysosomes are like janitors sweeping up and "cleaning" the cell from unwanted molecules.

Lysosome Diagram

Cell Membrane

The cell membrane is a bi layer of lipids and proteins it is the outer wall of the cell. Acting as a gate keeper or bouncer for unwanted and dangerous molecules.

Diagram Of Cell Membrane

Cell Wall

The cell wall is the outer layer of only plant, fungi and bacteria cells, it adds support to the cell for growth, adding onto the cell membrane. The cell wall also acts like a

Cell Wall Diagram


Chloroplast create energy in cells from light using photosynthesis. Chloroplasts are only in plant cells and are to replace mitochondria.

Diagram of Choroplast
Diagram Of Photosynthesis

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