Shanalee Gutierrez Portfolio

My photography reflects the way I view the world. Though this is just a typical saying every photographer says, I really do love seeing something in my head and being able to put that image exactly in one photo. My favorite part of photography would be editing. This always exited me slowly transforming a regular photo into something i visioned in my head.

FIRST PHOTO: This would have to be my favorite photo. Though it is not as edited as most of the photos I have, it has so much emotion in such a simple way. I love the contrast and lighting the picture received. (ISO 12800, focal length 27mm, aperture f/6.3, shudder speed 1/60 sec). SECOND PHOTO: I remember taking this photo in the beginning of the school year and i was so excited when came up with the idea. This took a while to capture because i had to climb on a rock and try to get all 3 girls perfectly placed under the camera. Though it was such a sunny day, i wanted to take a positive and happy photo. (ISO 100, focal point 31mm, aperture f/5.6, shudder speed 1/400 sec).

FIRST PHOTO: Here we were working on cover albums and i remember wanting my friend Joey modeling for me. When i visioned a music album cover, i wanted something dark and alternative. I knew Joeys style was perfect for this assignment. I told him to stand against a mirror and to think about everything that stresses him out, i eventually i shot a really good picture showing his emotions. ( ISO 12800, 55mm, f/6.3, 1/6 sec) SECOND PHOTO: Here, this was my second try with the music album. I wanted a full edited picture. My inspiration was the "Panic! at the disco" album. I told Joey to stand up, and just relax completely and breath slowly. Him being this relaxed git me this perfect body language. (ISO 12800, 18mm, f/6.3, 1/13 sec)

FIRST PHOTO: I wanted to take more "tumblr" pictures, and when i saw all the leaves on the ground i saw the perfect opportunity t take a cute photo.(ISO 100, 22mm, f/4.0, 1/250 sec). SECOND PHOTO: I had some trouble thinking of this photo. We had to come up with a focus point and i couldn't come up with anything creative. Then i remember just holding my hands up and framing random items, when i framed Stephanie taking a photo, i thought of the cutest photo idea. I asked my partner to hold up a heart with her hands while Stephanie pretends to take a picture.(ISO 3200, 30mm, f/4.0, 1/40 sec)
These are my example photos from the beginning of the semester(first photo) and my recent photo(second photo). I feel like over time, I've put more emotion and feeling towards my photos. When I first started taking pictures, i didn't have much creativity or deep thoughts, so my photos didn't look interesting or powerful. Though i still could improve on my photos, i think that my photos now have a lot more meaning behind them.

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