Why would any (sensible) Australian ever want to go to Canada? Canada - seriously good looking

Seriously? You have to ask that question?

Did you photoshop that?

Australians know Canada is full of impossibly good looking scenery. Your friends will ask "did you photoshop that colour in?" No seriously - the water is really that colour

Moraine Lake

You can visit cool dark forests where you can tread quietly and breath in pine scented air. But seriously there are bears out there so your better make some noise!

There are bears out there and chairs as well!

National Parks and wildlife

There are National Parks, snow and critters galore. Serious nature lovers would be hard pressed to find a greater array of fungi, lichen and liverworts (I'm serious!)

And they have glaciers! You wont be seeing any of them in Australia!

Like a good road trip? Well seriously,

this is the place to be!

except they drive on the wrong side of the road!

You'll be seriously winded when the Canadian Rockies take your breath away with the majestic stripes and the craggy snow covered peaks.

Sunset near Pemberton.

But it's not all nature and outdoorsy. Canada has some serious good urban treats in store as well.

Fun People!

With a social conscience.

Interesting architecture

City of Glass - Vancouver

Plenty of hipsters and hipster places to buy great food

Granville Island markets - Vancouver
Kitsilano Beach

They even have a castle!

Casa Loma - Toronto

Escape from Gilead

Duck across the border to Gilead (no wait) the USA in several handy locations

Niagara Falls

Plenty to do indoors as well...

Get a dose of culture at one of the seriously good museums and galleries

War Museum Lobby - Ottawa

But seriously -they DO need to work on their coffee!

But these iced buns are good!!

But seriously, a shared cultural heritage makes Canada a great place for Aussie's to visit. You'll feel right at home!

Canada - just like Australia - but with mountains and bears!

Canada - seriously good looking!

Created By
Robyn Lang


All photo taken by Robyn Lang in September and October 2016

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