Katelyn Henry Photo Gallery

Rule of Thirds

The photo above shows the rule of thirds with great colors and structures. The picture focal points are the students on the equipment. The students take up two thirds of the photo in the canvas. In the background it shows more of where the students are at which I enjoy about the photo. My secondary vocal point is the building behind the students.

Leaning Lines

The photo above is showing not only The Rule of Thirds but Leaning Lines also. The Focal point is the Sidewalk heading up to the house in the background. The sidewalk takes about one third of the canvas. The secondary focal point is the house in the background. I enjoy how I feel that I am in the photo just by looking at the picture. The vanishing lines is by the sidewalk.


The photo I used in gimp was shows people how Marco is used. The focal point in the photo is the flowers going left to right. The background is blurred out so the eyes won’t get distracted with the flowers in the back. I used Leaning Lines to help me get the photo. This photo has great compositions with the lighting and color. The highlight of the photo is the flowers in the sunlight.


The tone of my picture feels calming and peaceful. The shadow and the tone of the picture goes well together and not one or the other is overpowering each other. The highlight of the picture is the flower with the grass blurred out in the back. The composition of the photo is the flower to be the thing the eyes are attracted to the flower.


The photos I used in my project are all Portrait. In my first photo It wasn’t dark enough and I wanted the girl to be the first thing people look so I made the background darker by shading in the background into a darker shade which made the girl look brighter. In my second photo there was to much lighting in the background so I used the paintbrush and used a darker tone so the light is gone from behind her. In my third photo in order to make sure the eyes don’t get distracted by the bookshelf I have cropped out the bookshelf. There were wrinkles on the green screen so I used my smudge tool to get rid of wrinkles and the eyes won’t get distracted by the wrinkles.

Still life

For my Still Life assignment I made luigi eating a red mushroom. I used construction paper, tape, glue, and staples to make the pipe and the red mushroom. The lighting was tricky to work with cause there was a glare on the pipe and the red mushroom so I went to Gimp and used the Airbrush tool to make it easier on the lighting and made it look like there wasn’t any glares on the red mushroom and the pipe.

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